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Sunday Currently vol. 02

This is one helluva week for me. I can’t even put them into words. Just…wow!

I’d never imagined I’d be able to do the things I did this week, let alone consider doing them but I did. Oh, my gosh.

First, I ditched a job offer in Makati. Yeah, I know. How bitchy. It was a great company, honestly, and I have no idea why I felt so heavy and doubtful over the idea of working there when it was a good catch. Just, you know that feeling when nothing seems right about it? Yes. That’s how it felt like. I stressed over it the night before and I. Just. Don’t. See. Myself. Working. There.

So I refused the job offer and let one perfect opportunity pass by. Sigh.

But! Wait! Hold!

God is awesome, as always. Soon after that, like thirty minutes after, the company I was waiting for contacted me and told me I passed the interview. Hoorah! That means not only am I no longer hopeless and unemployed anymore, I am also a future employee of this start up company that I like. Oh yeah!!


Dreaming Alone by Chrissy and Taka.


Supernatural Season 11 and Remember (Korean drama)


Ecstatic, happy and blessed. Yes, God is really a wonder. It’s amazing how my feelings did a 180 and turned from blue to shining gold. Thank you, Lord!


About how blessed I’ve been this week. Also, I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to plot my favorite story.


My aficionado perfume!


Chocolate! Bad habit. Agh.


Wattpad stories at the moment. More importantly, Jenny Han’s stories.


I can start working the soonest!


My keyboard. Still. Ha!


This blog post and the foodventure post!

I’m also trying to finish the updates to Decoding the boys and Serendipity.


I will start exercising and burning my fats! Bwahahaha. I swear. I started this week. Let’s see the progress after 2 weeks. Crossed fingers! Hee hee.


God is forever great, you good souls out there! Never forget your blessings in life. They come in the most unexpected and simplest ways. God is silent but it doesn’t mean He is not there.



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A Quote | Waking Life

If there is any quote that can summarize how I feel about life, it’s this one big dialogue from the movie of Waking Life.

Many years back, I remember reading my aunt’s facebook status that we are constantly in a state of movement, of dynamic change.

I agree with her.

See, the end point does not matter; it’s the in betweens that make the difference. We are always a work-in-progress, always learning, always growing. There’s no end to it. As long as we’re breathing, there’s a whole other world out there, waiting for us to explore. There are so many doors waiting to be opened. To stop at all means to forfeit achieving your best potential. We are constantly improving. It doesn’t even matter how or how fast you do it as long as you do it. Let it be at your own pace instead of letting the society cage you in. Like the elders said, think outside the box. Go beyond the lines. Jump over the walls. The only limitation is the one you set for yourself. The only block from reaching that prize is just you and your thoughts.


Everyone’s biggest enemy is themselves.


I feel like my transport should be an extension of my personality. And this is like my little window to the world… and every minute’s a different show. I may not understand it. I may not even necessarily agree with it. But I’ll tell you what I’ve accepted: just sort of glide along. You want to keep things on an even key, this is what I’m saying. You want to go with the flow. The sea refuses no river.The idea is to remain in a state of constant departure while always arriving. It saves on introductions and goodbyes. The ride does not require explanation – just occupance. That’s where you guys come in. It’s like you come onto this planet with a crayon box. Now you may get the 8 pack, you may get the 16 pack but it’s all in what you do with the crayons – the colors – that you’re given. Don’t worry about coloring within the lines or coloring outside the lines – I say color outside the lines, you know what I mean? Color all over the page; don’t box me in! We’re in motion to the ocean. We are not land locked, I’ll tell you that.

From the movie, Waking Life

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Her Elite Ways | Prelude


Summer. 2012.

Aaliyah Jacqueline Montevista

The night I lost my virginity, it was pouring hard. Akala ko nga hindi na kami matutuloy papunta sa bar. I was pissed. Annoying crazy rain. Umasa na ako.

Hindi pwedeng hindi kami umalis today. Kahit hindi na sa The Palace. Starbucks will do. Or Infinitea. As long as I can bail.

I wanted to get the fuck out so bad. I hated this house. Every second that I was here, I felt like puking.

I could get a condo pero fuck. My good-for-nothing, cheating and lying dad wouldn’t let me. He’s the law, figuratively and literally. I can’t defy him. After all, he’s Leonard fucking Montevista. A senator slash CEO and unfortunately, my only guardian.

Yeah. Lucky. Tangina.

At the first ring, I jumped to fetch my phone.

The familiar sound of deep laughter greeted me. “Yo.”

“Jani! Where are you?” I cried out. “You’re thirty minutes late.”

“I know, I know. I’m almost there. Give me five. Prepared ka na?”

“Yeah. Kanina pa.”

“Okay. Kasama ko si Joy. Papasok na kami ng village nyo.”

“Yeah, bilis. Dad might see you pa pag minalas.”

“Bakit, uuwi ba? I thought he’s abroad?”

“Changed plans. Just hurry up,” then I hung up.

I grabbed my purse and checked myself in the mirror. I was wearing my favorite. Black sleeveless cropped top and floral bandage skirt. Just to be sure, nagdala na din ako ng cardigan if it becomes too cold.

Highly doubtful, though.

I had different plans tonight, and if everything goes according to plan, not even this storm can stop me from going all out.

The doorbell rang. That’s my cue.

I combed my light brown locks first and reapplied my pink lippie before running down the stairs to meet the pair.

My best friends, Jani and Joy, are together. I’d known them since highschool kaya hindi na awkward na kasama ko sila kahit sila pa. They could kiss and make out there and I won’t care. Sanay na. Besides, I am often too busy with my own thing to pay any attention.

“Coast clear?” Joy asked me with a laugh, looking around the house.

“He’s not here,” I said to them.

“Nagpaalam ka ba?” Jani piped in.

I frowned. “No.”

“You should. Mag-aalala ‘yun.”

“Then all of this will be for nothing if I will.”

“Oo nga. Kaya nga prison break, e,” Joy added, making me laugh with her.

Jani sighed. “Sige, bahala ka.”

We ambled to the door. My impatience thinned when the maids and guards immediately blocked our way.

“Ma’am, bawal ka pong lumabas, sabi ng Daddy nyo po.”

“Nag-usap na kami ni Dad. Let us through,” I lied.

Kuya guard scratched his head. “Pero ma’am, sabi talaga ni sir bawal po. Mag-aalala po sa’yo ‘yun.”

Like hell he would. He’s probably too busy fucking different women not my mother right now.

“Just let me go, kuya. He won’t know I left kung ‘di nyo sasabihin.”

“Mawawalan kami ng trabaho nyan, Ma’am.”

“Dad won’t know. I swear he won’t even call tonight. Kung tumawag man, just say I’m sleeping. Sige na, kuya.”

It took some more persuasions before they finally let me leave. Why was I on such a lockdown? Nag-away kami ni Dad. I crashed his car while on my way home so he grounded me. He got mad at me for acting recklessly and I got mad at him for acting like a Dad when he didn’t for so many years. If I know, he’s only concerned about his name.

We had a row all night and he cut all my cards. Hindi nya alam, I have a spare. My lolo gave it to me. Syempre, hindi nya ‘yon alam just like the other things about me.

So ironic nga. Kung hindi ko pa naaksidente ang kotse nya, he probably wouldn’t even find out I partied all night. He’s too busy with his women. Ganon sya kapabaya. Like my mom whom left me with him.

But I’m not rebelling just to get his attention. Hell, I don’t want it. What I want is to get out of this hellhole and away from his network. He should’ve just sent me out. Kaysa nag-eeffort pa syang puntahan ang iba nyang pamilya sa ibang lugar.

The Palace was far from our home, which is in Quezon City. That’s why we barely frequent it but since they got a special party for tonight, we decided to ditch Tides and go there instead.

As expected, the place is full of skimpily dressed girls and rabid boys. They were dancing to the music blasting through the speakers.

The three of us made our way through the gyrating bodies to the VIP section and ordered our drinks. Tequila, our usual, and Johnnie Walker for Jani.

“Daming tao,” Joy complained.

I laughed at her. “Of course. Sikat, e.”

Jani informed, “They’ll open the pool na. Gusto nyo?”

I shook my head. “Not in the mood. Maybe later.”

We did several shots. When we were warmed up, I left the lovebirds alone and joined the center floor. Crazy and wild, I danced the night away. Nung nagsawa, I joined a group of people doing body shots. Several boys tried to hit it off with me. But they’re not the one I was looking for so I just shrugged their advances off. Subtly, but surely.

“Wanna go out of here?” They would say.

“Sorry. I’m with my friends,” I would answer.

Bumalik lang ako sa table when I had my fill of fun. Mamaya naman ulit.

Joy was already drunk. She was giggling at some text she received. Si Jani, he’s still okay. Since he’s driving, kontrolado ang intake nya.

“Gusto ko sana mag-pool, pero ang dami nila dun,” Joy told us.

“‘Di ka din naman hahayaan ni Jani. Not in that state,” I said, to which Jani nodded.

“You’re both drunk. Uwi na tayo?”

“Ha? Kakarating lang natin, a?” Joy whined.

“Kakarating? Two hours na tayo dito.”

“‘Yun nga. Maya na tayo.”

We danced and danced. At Joy’s behest, sumali ako sa drinking competition. First one to finish all the drinks. Jani was videographing as I downed shots without stop. Boys were hooting and hollering. Naririnig ko ang mga cat calls habang tinatalo ko ang iba.

Unfortunately for the others, I won. I flashed my fan boys a one big smile.

“Ibang klase. San mo dinala lahat ng beer na ‘yon?” Jani said with a laugh when I came back to them.

“Beer pa. Lasing ka na nyan,” Joy added.

Tumatawa akong bumalik sa table. I was very drunk. Huminto na ako sa pag-inom to let myself recover. We mostly just talked then. Some time later, Jani excused himself to answer a call.

As soon as he was out, Joy immediately turned to me, the gap between her brows creasing.

“Jaq, sure ka ba dito?”

She was talking about my plan, the reason why I suddenly asked them out tonight.

“Yes, I want to lose it tonight,” I said firmly.

“‘Di papayag si Janny na iwan ka namin.”

“Then don’t. I don’t need all night naman.” I smirked teasingly. “Mag-check in nalang din kayo.”

“Gaga. Pero sige nga. Kanino mo naman balak ibigay ‘yan?”

I went into deep thought and wandered my gaze around the bar. That’s a question I wanted to know the answer to as well. I’d been eyeing some guys. They were checking me out kanina pero ayoko. They’re the type to break the rules and that won’t work. It would ruin my plans.

If I would lose my virginity to someone, I needed to make sure no one would know. Kahit pa ‘yung guy.

I needed to make sure this one night stand would stay exactly that: a one night stand.

“Wait!” Joy suddenly exclaimed, eyes widening. “I have an idea.”

She disappeared into the crowd before I could even ask. I shrugged and downed another shot. Tipsy na ako.

When Joy came back, she was grinning wide. Tumatawa-tawa sya at medyo kinikilig. Lasing na din si gaga.

“Got you a date kaso may condition din. Like you.”

“Sino?” I asked agad.

“That’s the thing. Bawal mo din malaman kung sino sya.”

I raised my brows in question.

“Same reason as you. Ayaw ng complication.” She waggled her brows, smiling wide, as if she knew an inside joke. “I’m telling you, girl. Winner ‘to. Kaya bawal talaga sabihin kung sino pero putchaaa. Mamaya ihahatid kita sa room.”

She was so mad excited but I was skeptical.


Her eyes widened. “Ha. Bakit?”

“Nakita ka na nyang pumunta dito. Kilala na nya ako.”

“E ‘di naman sya kausap ko. ‘Yung mga kasama nya. Wala din syang alam.” She laughed. “Kwentuhan mo ko mamaya, a?”

I looked at her weirdly. “Anong sasabihin ko? Na masakit ang una ko?”

“Hindi. Kung magaling ba sya. Curious ako.”

Natawa ako. “Marinig ka ni Jani.”

“E pano naman. Iba talaga ‘to,” she squealed. “Ang usapan, ihahatid kita sa hotel mamayang twelve. Ako na bahala kay Jani. Basta magtext ka kung hihintayin ka ba namin or what.”

“I can hail a cab. You can go. Have fun with your boyfie.”

“Gaga. May plano ka bang dun na matulog?”

“Hell no. Aalis ako kagad.” I grinned. “Parang Cinderella lang.”

“Cinderella porn version kamo. Wag kang mag-iwan ng glass slipper ha. Basta. Twelve, hahatid kita don.”

And that’s what she did exactly three hours after. Wala na akong masyadong matandaan by then. I’ve had too much to drink and my thoughts were hazy.

“7th floor. Dito na tayo,” Joy announced.

I heard myself giggling.

“Dito ka muna. Tignan ko kung may tao na sa room.”

I nodded and waited by the elevator, checking out the interior of the hotel. Not bad. By the looks of it, we were in a five star hotel.

I didn’t know how many minutes it took her but Joy came back some time later with a massive smile on her face. May hawak syang red blindfold.

I raised a brow and laughed. “Kinky ha.”

“No whips. No worries,” and she tied it over my eyes.

Next thing I knew, she was sitting me down on the bed.

“Sure na sure ka na ba dito? We can still back out.”

“I’m sure.”

“Mega sure?”

“It’s just sex, Yoj.”

“Yeah. Pero first mo ‘to, e. Ayaw mo bang maging special ‘yon?”

“I don’t need it to be special. Ayoko ng attachments. Besides, this night has meaning already. It’s my act of liberation.”

“Oo na. Anyway, papatayin ko ang ilaw para sure na sure na stick to the plans tayo.”

I nodded. Just a little, I started to get nervous. I felt her leaving so I tried to grab her. I ended up pulling at her dress.

“How can I make sure na hindi nya ako makikita?”

“He’s blindfolded, too.”

“What if he removed it?”

“He won’t, for sure ‘yon.”

“How are you so sure?”

“E kasi -” she stopped. “Shit. Muntik ko na masabi. Basta, trust me. ‘Di nya gagawin ‘yon. Tsaka, parehas lang kayong ‘di sigurado sa isa’t isa. Fair game lang.”

Convinced, I let her go. Narinig ko na lang ang pagsarado ng hotel room. For many minutes, I stayed sitting on the bed, thoughts running in my head.

Siguro naman hindi ako pinabayaan ni Joy? There couldn’t be any video cam hidden anywhere.

Also, who could this asshole be at ayaw din nya na habulin sya ng babae? Is he a fucking Adonis?

Well, I was about to find out. I couldn’t see him but if he couldn’t make me scream tonight, then his pride is bigger than his dick. He’s an asshole for even thinking girls will chase after him.

I laughed at my own thoughts. What a weird arrangement this was. Arranged sex. Yeah, I’m this crazy.

Ganito ako kaseryoso na kontrolin ang buhay ko. Not only that, I was this willing to go this far just to show my father he could never control me. He broke this family. I was breaking his plans for me.

I would give my first to a stranger to show him he can’t manipulate me. I refused to be that pathetic, obedient daughter. I won’t let him dictate me, my future and my dreams. No father will ever use his child for politics and business.

I hate him. No one can control me. No man can ever do.

Virginity is special to girls. Kapag nakuha ng lalaki ‘yon, they think they have power over you. I’m losing mine in this way to show myself and the world that no one will ever have that power.

Kasi it was my choice to lose it.

And this stranger won’t get to flaunt it dahil hindi naman nya ako nakikita.

Soon enough, the doors opened. Footfalls resonated as the stranger moved around the room.

“Fuck,” I heard him curse when he probably hit onto something.

His voice was deep, but not too much.

“This is the shittiest thing I will ever do. Blindfolds, amputa.”

I furrowed my brows and pursed my lips. This one’s got a temper.

“I thought you know the arrangement. You don’t want me to know you, ‘di ba?”

“Yeah,” he answered. “Lights off, pwede naman ‘yun.”

“Whatever. Just get on with it.”

This was probably the lamest preamble to foreplay ever.

“Hintay ka lang, babe. Before this night ends, I’ll fuck your lights out.”

I was drunk. It didn’t need a genius to figure out he was, too. Very. The moment he found his way to the bed, I caught a whiff of his boyish scent.

Despite myself, I started to feel excited.

“Are you sure you want this?” he asked as I felt him moving closer to me. He’s a breadth’s away now. I could feel his hand trail up my arm and neck. It stopped to my lips. “I can’t promise I can stop later. I’m drunk. If you don’t want this, sabihin mo na ngayon pa lang.”

His breath was fanning my face.

I took a deep breath and said, “Shut up and kiss me.”

“Feisty. No wonder.”

With his hands, he found my lips. I felt trails of butterfly kisses on my neck before he pulled me in for a deep kiss.

He tasted good. Nalalasahan ko ang ininom nyang alak habang sinisiil nya ako ng halik. His lips slanted and melded perfectly with mine, his tongue expertly moving around my mouth. He left blazing hot trails wherever his lips kissed and sucked. My skin was flaming to life. Damn, I was getting intoxicated. Whoever this was, he was no beginner.

I felt myself loosening up, beginning that foreign feeling of ache for him.

He pulled away and began working to remove my clothes.

“Why did you agree to this?” he asked in between heavy breaths.

“We’re here for different reasons.” I panted.

“Yeah but the first night is always special to girls. Why lose it like this?”

“If you want this night to continue, then follow the rules,” I said. “Rule number one. Stop asking questions.”

His boyish chuckle was my reply. I shivered at how sexy it sounded.

“Charming,” I heard him say. “Too bad this is the first and last.”

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Sunday Currently | 01


This is my first try at doing something like this so I’m not really sure what to say or if I should be witty or dorky. Bwahaha.

Anyway. There are so many things I want to say right now but I’ll stick to the norm, cut you some slack and proceed to my first ever volume of SUNDAY CURRENTLY.

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Maginhawa | The Nook Cafe

For the past month or so, I’ve been hearing raves about this new cafe addition along Maginhawa street, which by the way is famous for its food joints, fashion boutiques and cozy cafes.

True enough, the Nook Cafe is definitely a big thumbs up especially for Harry Potter fans. The place just screams, Potterhead, from the entrance up to the second floor.

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01192016 | One Ok Rock Live in Manila


Last Tuesday was the best night ever! Not only was it the first ever concert I’d ever been to, I was also able to see my favorite boys in person!

And boy were they awesome. I swear!

Before anything else, I’d like to thank my cousin, Queen, and her parents for buying the VIP seated ticket for me. If not for them, I’d totally missed out on this chance to rock out and fan girl over OOR!


One Ok Rock didn’t disappoint! They totally rocked my night!

The only disappointment though was the awful organization outside the arena. We waited so long, both standing and seated alike! They said the gates would open at around 6 PM, but they didn’t let anyone in until 7 PM. We just stood outside, waiting and wondering where on earth the line was!

I also hated their way of letting the groups in. It was so so so annoying. We fell in line first but the people behind us got in before us since they changed lines and the organizers sucked big time in handling us. Ah. Disappointments, disappointments. To think we even bought VIP tickets.


By the time we got inside, I was already dying and my feet were killing me. I was also disappointed to see that our seats, though VIP, was so far from the stage. We were almost in the same level with the VIP Standing. My cousin and I had no choice but to stand up, too, otherwise we won’t see the concert at all.

But hey! Once the concert started, everything fired up!

There was no grand entrance for Taka, Ryota, Toru and Tomoya. Just an awesome play of guitar chords, followed by the drums. Then, tada! Taka was already greeting us with his amazing English.

That’s right, Taka. Manila loves y’all!


Here’s the set list!



I enjoyed every second of the concert. It’s amazing and surreal to be there, listening to the songs in person, seeing the members rock out the stage, even breathing the same air! Taka, for starters, is really great with live singing! His vocals were consistent the entire time. Hell, I even think the songs are better in live concerts than their recorded counterparts.


The highlight of the concert for me. When Taka sang Heartache, everyone just pulled out their phones and used their flashlights to create these white lights! It was mesmerizing! We also sang along with him, which surprised the members coz they didn’t think we know the Japanese parts!


After a few songs, the group went inside. Knowing it wasn’t over yet, the audience started stomping their feet and screaming, “We want more.”

Taka came out a second later, saying (paraphrased):

“You still want to be with me?”


“Me, too!”

And the encore started! Hoorah!

I really like the part when they kicked out the balloons into the crowd of VIP standing. It’s not allowed to fall onto the floor so the audience kept on pushing it up while slamming and head banging. Haha!

And did I mention Taka’s headbang was the bomb? It totally fired us up!



This concert is the best! Totally. Amuse and OOR promised to come back, and I swear I’ll watch them again should they decide to launch another concert.

They. Are. Just. That. Awesome!


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This or That | Fashion

Tagged by @geelinlovesconan. Hi, thank you for tagging me 🙂

Jeans or sweatpants?

Jeans. I’d choose jeans any day! In fact, I’ve never worn sweatpants in my life nor do I intend to buy one for myself. Since the temperature here in the country is hot af, I don’t really like wearing sweatpants.

Long sleeve or short?

Long sleeve! Maybe it’s because I want to go to Japan and Korea someday that I am highly attracted to long sleeves. I have more than ten in my closet, I think. Haha.

Dresses or skirts?

I don’t wear both but I’d choose dresses. Their designs are fascinating and eye-catching. If only I got a shapely body, then I’d totally dig dresses!

Stripes or plaid?

Both! I love having striped long sleeves while I can’t go out without any plaid tied around my waist. Haha, I know. Lame fashion, right? But meh. I actually like it.

Flip flops or sandals?

Sandals. Especially wedge sandals. I don’t like flip flops at all, unless I’m going to a beach or taking a walk around the house. Though if I must choose a footwear at all, I will totally pick sneakers!

Scarves or hats?

Again, both! But on certain occassions only. I like headwears a lot, be it cap, beanie or fedora hats. I love wearing scarves too, ’cause they add spice to a very simple get-up – say, white shirt top and boyfriend jeans.

Necklaces or bracelets?

Bracelets, especially if it’s charm bracelets. I will only wear necklaces if they are 1) a locket 2) necklace with a key chain

Heels or flats?

Boots. Lol. No, for real. Boots. Though if I must choose between heels and flats, I’d say heels. I always trip over whenever I wear flats so…

Jacket or hoodie?

Both! I think by now you’ve already realized I have a boyish style in fashion, eh?

Abercrombie or Hollister?

Neither. I don’t own any Abercrombie or Hollister shirt, so I can’t really choose between them.

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Do You Remember

that day when we first met
and how you were the most wonderful person I ever saw

Do you remember
that night when a storm struck the city
and how you stayed under the rain just to tell me how sorry you are

Do you remember
the Christmas festival that we went to for the first time together
and how we shared our first kiss under the mistletoe

Do you still remember
I want you to remember

Do you remember
those crazy weeks we spent in the cold
and how our dreams went crashing down with just a single, careless mistake

Do you even remember
the months I tried to reach out to you
and how you refused to answer any of my calls

Do you remember
Do you remember
that restless Monday afternoon when you finally showed up after a year
and how you left me in tears in the same day

Do you still remember
I don’t want to remember

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