Who: Me and Janine
What: City hopping
Where: Makati to Bonifacio Global City to Mckinley Hill to Bonifacio Highstreet
When: January 10, 2016
Why: Because we can


SO! I had a super walkathon yesterday with my wattpad bud and friend, Janine. To be honest, our only plan was we’d go around and tour Makati to help me get a better mental map of the place. I’d be applying for jobs this week and I figured I should at least know the city before venturing there on my own.

At around 1 PM, I met Janine in Gil Puyat station to begin our tour. We rode the jeepney with the route, PRC. It’s not my first time so I thought I already know the direction we were going to take. Imagine my surprise when I realized the jeepney took a turn much different to the one in my memory and we ended up going straight to Chino Roces.

That isn’t right. We are not supposed to go there because according to my memory, we should be passing RCBC first. But hey, I’m not complaining. All my friends know how much I suck at remembering directions so I let us groove along Chino Roces for a while before finally asking for a stop.

Thankfully, I sorta recognize the area so we were able to go to Ayala without getting lost. There was a ride en route to Pasong Tamo, which we took, and recognizing Dela Rosa, we dropped off there. From there we walked all the way to RCBC plaza.

The second plan was to go to Mckinley Hill to visit this infamous Venice Grand Canal Mall but since Janine and I don’t know the way to get there, we opted to head to Market Market first.

The ride was quicker than I thought and before I knew it, we were already in Taguig. Just before going to Mckinley Hill, we decided to hang out in SM Aura first.



I like their top deck so much! The wind was so cool and fresh, so unlike the polluted air in Manila that I got used to. We stayed there for half an hour and then we were off to Mckinley.

Dun dun dun!

Our walkathon started as soon as we got off the jeepney. It’s our first time going to the newly opened mall so we were basically clueless on where it should be. And did I mention the sun was boring down on us as if it hated us? Yeah. It was sooooo hot!

Fortunately, we found Venice Grand Canal Mall soon after.


Boy was I so disappointeeeed! Because it was a Sunday, the place was too crowded for my liking and I couldn’t even get to the bridge. This is why this photo is so crappy. It’s taken from the sides and won’t even show the supposedly beauty of the place. Ugh!

Since I was that disappointed, Janine and I just decided to go back to Bonifacio Highstreet.



I love Highstreet’s night life. Truly. It’s so lively to be out there. And there’s also their wonderful and amazing Fullybooked! The safe haven for bookworms like me!


We made tambay in Fullybooked for like an hour, just talking about anything under the sun. We also made plans for our summer trip get away with Alexa (Hi friend!!)


Here’s my mandatory no-smile selfie.

By the time I got home, it was already late and my feet were killing me. So much for being Dora for the day. Haha!



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