One thing about me, I’m a super dorky music junk. It’s almost impossible to find me without my earphones with me. It’s my life. I love music and it’s the color to my otherwise dull life.

If you’ll ask me what genre I prefer over the other, you’ll actually find me blinking hard and stumbling over my thoughts.

The reason is that I’d like to see myself as a music eclectic. I listen to all sorts, from one extreme to the next, some even so strange my friends don’t even expect it. From acoustic to alternative rock to downright death core. Yeah, name it, I love it.

Anyway, let me share you my favorite playlist for this year. I’ve been listening to these tracks ever since January began and I just can’t help but fall in love over and over as I sing to them. I’m not sure if you’ll like it but here’s a taste of my varied preferences.

1. 19 You + Me Dan + Shay
2. When We Die Bowling For Soup
3. Take Your Time Sam Hunt
4. Guilty Blue
5. Good For You Selena Gomez
6 Champagne Jung Yunho
7. Thank You Jason Chen
8. One Call Away Sam Puth
9. Wonderful Tonight Eric Clapton
10. Magbalik Callalily
11. Sundo Imago
12. Another You (Another Way) Against The Current
13. Angel With A Shotgun The Cab
14. Mr. Right A Rocket To The Moon
15. Relentless Chaos Miss May I

Happy listening!

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