01192016 | One Ok Rock Live in Manila


Last Tuesday was the best night ever! Not only was it the first ever concert I’d ever been to, I was also able to see my favorite boys in person!

And boy were they awesome. I swear!

Before anything else, I’d like to thank my cousin, Queen, and her parents for buying the VIP seated ticket for me. If not for them, I’d totally missed out on this chance to rock out and fan girl over OOR!


One Ok Rock didn’t disappoint! They totally rocked my night!

The only disappointment though was the awful organization outside the arena. We waited so long, both standing and seated alike! They said the gates would open at around 6 PM, but they didn’t let anyone in until 7 PM. We just stood outside, waiting and wondering where on earth the line was!

I also hated their way of letting the groups in. It was so so so annoying. We fell in line first but the people behind us got in before us since they changed lines and the organizers sucked big time in handling us. Ah. Disappointments, disappointments. To think we even bought VIP tickets.


By the time we got inside, I was already dying and my feet were killing me. I was also disappointed to see that our seats, though VIP, was so far from the stage. We were almost in the same level with the VIP Standing. My cousin and I had no choice but to stand up, too, otherwise we won’t see the concert at all.

But hey! Once the concert started, everything fired up!

There was no grand entrance for Taka, Ryota, Toru and Tomoya. Just an awesome play of guitar chords, followed by the drums. Then, tada! Taka was already greeting us with his amazing English.

That’s right, Taka. Manila loves y’all!


Here’s the set list!



I enjoyed every second of the concert. It’s amazing and surreal to be there, listening to the songs in person, seeing the members rock out the stage, even breathing the same air! Taka, for starters, is really great with live singing! His vocals were consistent the entire time. Hell, I even think the songs are better in live concerts than their recorded counterparts.


The highlight of the concert for me. When Taka sang Heartache, everyone just pulled out their phones and used their flashlights to create these white lights! It was mesmerizing! We also sang along with him, which surprised the members coz they didn’t think we know the Japanese parts!


After a few songs, the group went inside. Knowing it wasn’t over yet, the audience started stomping their feet and screaming, “We want more.”

Taka came out a second later, saying (paraphrased):

“You still want to be with me?”


“Me, too!”

And the encore started! Hoorah!

I really like the part when they kicked out the balloons into the crowd of VIP standing. It’s not allowed to fall onto the floor so the audience kept on pushing it up while slamming and head banging. Haha!

And did I mention Taka’s headbang was the bomb? It totally fired us up!



This concert is the best! Totally. Amuse and OOR promised to come back, and I swear I’ll watch them again should they decide to launch another concert.

They. Are. Just. That. Awesome!


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