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Jeans or sweatpants?

Jeans. I’d choose jeans any day! In fact, I’ve never worn sweatpants in my life nor do I intend to buy one for myself. Since the temperature here in the country is hot af, I don’t really like wearing sweatpants.

Long sleeve or short?

Long sleeve! Maybe it’s because I want to go to Japan and Korea someday that I am highly attracted to long sleeves. I have more than ten in my closet, I think. Haha.

Dresses or skirts?

I don’t wear both but I’d choose dresses. Their designs are fascinating and eye-catching. If only I got a shapely body, then I’d totally dig dresses!

Stripes or plaid?

Both! I love having striped long sleeves while I can’t go out without any plaid tied around my waist. Haha, I know. Lame fashion, right? But meh. I actually like it.

Flip flops or sandals?

Sandals. Especially wedge sandals. I don’t like flip flops at all, unless I’m going to a beach or taking a walk around the house. Though if I must choose a footwear at all, I will totally pick sneakers!

Scarves or hats?

Again, both! But on certain occassions only. I like headwears a lot, be it cap, beanie or fedora hats. I love wearing scarves too, ’cause they add spice to a very simple get-up – say, white shirt top and boyfriend jeans.

Necklaces or bracelets?

Bracelets, especially if it’s charm bracelets. I will only wear necklaces if they are 1) a locket 2) necklace with a key chain

Heels or flats?

Boots. Lol. No, for real. Boots. Though if I must choose between heels and flats, I’d say heels. I always trip over whenever I wear flats so…

Jacket or hoodie?

Both! I think by now you’ve already realized I have a boyish style in fashion, eh?

Abercrombie or Hollister?

Neither. I don’t own any Abercrombie or Hollister shirt, so I can’t really choose between them.

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