False Confessions | A Scene

Today, I met her. No, it wasn’t our first meeting. She’d been my block mate since last semester but we weren’t introduced. Today was the first time we ever talked.

And she told me to piss off.

I wasn’t interested in her. Up to this day, there was nothing she did or said that could take my attention or make me turn in her direction but something might just change now.

I always knew she was feisty. Although she was quiet on better days, that’s why I didn’t notice her much before, there was too much activity around her. Boys were always on her heel and to brush them off, she would aggressively reject them. Sometimes, it was in a passive way. Quietly and indifferently refusing advances. But on most worse days, on most days, it was otherwise. She would resort to extreme measures.

Like pretending to like someone or forcing another to go on a date with her.

I actually didn’t like it, her. She’s a handful, always working up the people around her. Wherever she is, chaos would follow and I hate that it disrupts the peace I place around myself. She’s not to be blamed for it, I knew. I just avoided her for good measure. Honestly, I don’t understand why the boys like her so much. To me she is just like any other. Typical, just tougher.

But seeing her today changed some of that. Seeing her stand up for herself in ways only she could do roused my respect. Just a little, I gave her more credit.

Today started out like a drag. Routinary, no special anything. Plain and boring. The only change to this humdrum was when a professor called out the noise of the class and gave a surprise test. But even that was routined.

I was bored, like the usual, when I made my way to my car. The classes have finished. The day would end like the usual.

At least, it would seem that way until I heard a call.

“Silver!” called a block mate. “Can you drop by to the Science faculty? I think Ma’am Lorenzo is asking for you.”

In order to reach the Science building, I would have to walk to the quadrangle where many students were currently frolicking. To avoid the hassle, I opted to use the other route. I’d cross the yard at the back of the Art building to get to the Science building. No one stayed there that much. In fact when it’s lunch time, I often hung out there where it’s quiet and nice.

It was this thinking that made me walk all my way there. Maybe if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have seen this. And my life would continue like the usual: boring, uneventful but peaceful.

I heard them before I even saw them.

“C’mon, Lexi. Just a date. Why are you so coy?” the hooligans crowed.

“Shut up, jerk. I don’t want anything to do with any of you,” Lexi said, trying to break past the circle of tall boys currently blocking her way.

One of them, the one drinking a cup of juice, snickered. “Still playing hard to get? You think you’re all that?”

I should’ve helped her. But before I could, she raised a hand and swiftly slapped the lights out of the asshole. Enraged, the pathetic boy splashed all the orange juice down to her.

Lexi was dripped wet. Never minding the fact that her blouse was white and was beginning to flash her inner wear, she kicked the boy in the balls and hit the other boys, struggling to get out of their circle.

That’s when she saw me. Her eyes widened ever so slightly, hurt and anger flashing in quick seconds, and the others noticed me as well. They stopped their midway attempt to get even at her. Since they had seen me, they couldn’t move a muscle even if they tried.

“Piss off,” she spat at me and stormed her way out.

Without so much as any action, I let her leave. Looking back at it now, I regretted not doing anything.

If I had chased after her, how would have things changed? Would I be needing to let her go now?

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