Sunday Currently | vol 8

Sunday Currently vol. 8

It’s Sunday! Oh, how fast time flies. We were officially done with our training and it’s now time to say goodbye to some of the friends I learned to love and cherish. But that’s part of life. I just need to move on and accept it. The sooner I realize that not everyone stays, the faster I’ll adjust.

This week is just pure hell for me. Thank God I’m active in writing this link-up because you get to follow what’s been down in my life lately. You see the rollercoaster journey of my emotions as well as the struggles I’m having with being a young adult.

God. I don’t like adulting no more. Flash me back to childhood, please! Let me just potate here in a corner and reflect back on what I should be doing.

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New home! 

I’ve been pining for my own blog with my own domain for almost half a year now. I wanted to do something about it but I had no idea where to go or how to start. I tried to read several blogs on how they did it but I was drawing up blank.

Ang hirap i-gets, mga bes! Nakaka-pag ganern ng utak! 

I had to repeatedly read all those articles just to sort the information out and get a ground to work on. It took me days on end until I finally got something.

Enters dreamhost, Ate Nayin, Dawn and little-dancer.

Here’s the rundown of what I did to move my blog to a new home!
1) Buy a domain 

I bought mine for like 13 (or 11) dollars at But that’s that. Still a free user, no upgrades or anything, not even a paid theme. 

2) Find a hosting 

This should be the first step but I placed it on second because of how complicated this went for me. 

So I found and paid dreamhost. That’s already a package for the domain and hosting. I was so ecstatic and happy with how easy it was that I already exported my entire blog and customized my theme. Everything was going smoothly until I talked to Dawn and Ate Nayin, two of my friends whom bought their own domains and launched their own personal blogs as well. 

Holy cow. I was alarmed to discover they’re paying annually and not monthly for their blogs! And worse, I’m paying 11 dollars or so per month while they’re paying only six hundred pesos annually. What the hell. 

Realizing my mistake, I hurried in cancelling my subscription with dreamhost and deleted the website I spent hours on making. 

Good news. They have a money back guarantee. 

Bad news. Can’t have the money back guarantee because they want me to pay for the domain. Which is ridiculous because it costs at around 13 dollars since it’s stand alone and no longer part of the package (11 dollars for hosting + free domain). 

Good news. I don’t think they charged me the full 13 dollars. I checked my debit card and only five hundred pesos were spent. (Or I just suck at keeping track of my finances?) Also, I found out they’re going to charge me annually instead of the initial monthly bill. 

Bad news. I need to find a new hosting so I can use the domain I bought. 

3) Find another host & repeat process

This is where my friend, Dawn, comes in. She helped me find a good free hosting site and connected me to her friend who is also hosting her own blog. A few talks here and there, and voila. My new website/blog is launched. But it’s not a walk in the park. I couldn’t understand how I’m going to install wordpress to my hosting so Dawn had to do it for me. (Thanks talaga, girl!) 

4) Customize my theme

My favorite step so far. It was fun searching for a good theme that will work with the over-all feel I want my blog to have. I am meticulous and I am all for simplicity. I want a white lay-out with a good font and sizing. Sad to say I’m still not using an upgraded version of this theme but soon, I will. As much as I want to upgrade now, it’s just not practical. 

One: I don’t blog a lot. I’m neither a mainstream personality nor am I a full-blown blogger. Why spend so much for something you won’t use often? Dedication and commitment are the main key points of keeping a blog alive and I’m just not sure at this point on if I have those yet. 

Two: This is my own personal journal. I highly doubt anyone is reading this. I made my blog solely for the enjoyment of tracking what I did, where I’ve been, and yeah, let’s admit it – for the joy of writing itself. I don’t have plans to use it for money so I’m hesitating to spend so much on something that is not permanent or fruitful. 

Third: It’s not like I have a good content. Mema lang. Kung anu-ano lang. So must I really spend so for the upgrades of something I just use for fun? 

Hm. Sounds practical, right? Yeah, tell me that after a few weeks. I’m most likely to dump all these reasons to the bin and splurge for my blog anyway. I. Am. That. Impulsive. So yeah. I wasted your time there. (Apologies!) 

5) Export all my stuff to the new blog

Easy enough. After you install wordpress and set everything up, you can just simply go to the settings and find the export/import tool there. It won’t even take three minutes. 
For inquiries on how I moved in to a new self-hosted site, just leave a message. 

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A fashion store and a cafe in one place. Empire Fashion Cafe has gathered those famous instagram retail stores in one place for a more convenient and smoother shopping experience.


First thing’s first: The First Impression. 

What I like about this cafe and what made me fall in love with it is the sheer size of it. If you don’t know about it yet, lemme tell you now. I’m a total fan of physical instagram shops and one similarity I noticed with each and every one I went to is how small and crowded their places are. Rentals are expensive, I understand this perfectly well, that’s why I was so awed to see how adequate the size of the Empire fashion cafe is. For people who hate small spaces like me, this is just terrific!

There are plenty of items you can find here. Make-up, shoes, clothes – name it, they got it! Since I prefer physical stores over online shopping, it was very convenient to have all those famous instagram shops in one place. Imagine the array of selections in your hands! You’re free to check the quality and even ask for a new stock. I can also attest to the quality and uniqueness of the available fashion items as I was unable to find to find the same designs in the two other stores I visited the same day.

Another bonus point: the staffs are well-mannered and very accommodating!

I saw some good DIY hair dyes here so I’m probably coming back to purchase one after I get the approval of my old man. That, and I’m eyeing that Kylie lippie. But the shade I want isn’t available pa. Hmm.


Since we were already there, I decided to try out their cafe instead of hopping over and coming back to The Lost Bread. The cafe part of the store is a bit quaint – it’s on the left side of the store – but we were fortunate enough to find a good spot for us inside. There are also tables outside for those peeps who want to enjoy the breeze.

We ordered Choco Coffee Kiss (135), Frappe De Kitkat (155), Nachos (135) and Buffalo Wings (180).

The frappes are good! We were supposed to order the freak shakes because of how grammable and blog-worthy they look, but experience-wise, we decided against it. They’re almost the same with The Lost Bread’s four signature shakes and I knew from that experience how sweet (albeit yummy) they could be! So frappe is it!

I made a good decision because as it turned out, the frappes are helluva good! The taste and blending are just right. Not too sweet, not too bland – just right. And it’s affordable, too, so I’m definitely going back to try the other flavors as well.

As for the Buffalo Wings and mojos, they definitely taste good but I’ve had better. I am a true fan of Snack & Ladder’s Buffalo Wings ergo this review but you will still surely enjoy this anyway so you might want to give it a go.

Can’t say the same for the nachos, though. It’s too salty for my liking. Are nachos supposed to taste this way? I can’t be so sure so yeah. We couldn’t  even finish the entire snack because on top of them being salty, we were already full from the frappe and buffalo wings (not that it’s a bad or anything).

Still worth a try, though. It’s not the best out there but we all have different preferences anyway!

The over-all feel of the place is good despite how bustling it is (signs of a successful store!). The restroom is clean, the walls are properly and artfully decorated, and the set-up of the stalls aren’t suffocating. Sakto lang.

And look! They even have a play room for the kids! How convenient, right? If they just add a bookshelf here or a corner for bookworms like me, this place is totally going to my number one happy place!

Ratings: 4/5

Am I going back? Yes, as in super duper mega yes!

Will I recommend it? Of course, especially to those millenials who are after good fashion and cosmetic gems.

Empire is located at 143 Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City. 

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Unplanned Visit | Nandana Wellness & Spa 


If you read my previous Sunday Currently link-ups, you’re most probably aware that I’ve been moaning about going to a spa and having a full body massage for almost a month now. Not sure if it’s due to stress or health issues or whatnots but my body is literally and figuratively craving for that sweet relaxation I received when me and my family went to Pharaoh a few months ago (I heard it already closed down though. Sad), so finding this new happy place is definitely a serendipitous moment for me.

Ending up here isn’t really a part of the plan. We were already on our way home from Poshmark when I saw their signage and decided to give it a try, thinking it’s a facial spa or something. Turned out it was a massage spa! The first thing I noticed immediately is the ambiance. The space is simple and doesn’t have that much furniture or decorations, giving it an oriental feel. It’s very inviting, not to mention the soothing scent of the oil permeating in the air itself is enough to relax your mind. Of course, a spa won’t be complete without a zen music serenading us.

So why Nandana? 

We made chika with the receptionist for a few minutes while waiting so we were able to get a few information. Nandana means daughter of happiness from India, and they’ve only been around for three months! Kaya pala. I always go to Shopitude with my friend to shop and this is my first time encountering their spa. Heh. That means I haven’t gone to Maginhawa in three months na noh? Realizations, realizations…

Moving on…

Since my friend, Janine, didn’t want to try the massage and opted for the footspa and pedicture, I went for it alone. I chose for a full body thai massage with oil. Nung una, ayaw ko pa nga. Who wants to go home smelling like oil and feeling malagkit ‘di ba? But after some serious thought, I caved in anyway. With oil is better than no oil. Besides, I want the stretching and scrubbing that Thai offers, rather than just having a pressure points massage which the thai dry massage offers. Mas relaxing daw and I feel like I needed the stretch anyway as my muscles are feeling really sore!

Oh, and if you’re interested, they also have the swedish full body massage and their signature hot stone body massage which we’re going to try when we come back next time! The Swedish massage is more on the hagod hagod part in contrast to the Thai which focused on the stretching. If you want to just relax and soothe your muscles, they recommend that you have the Swedish massage. But for those customers who have back pains or lamig  as we call it, hot stone massage is the way to go! If interested, kindly check metrodeal for their promos.

After the transaction in the reception, I was ushered to one of the rooms with the standard japanese mattress. Okay naman. Clean naman, so definitely plus points for me!

The staffs were so accommodating and nice, too. They offered us free guyabano tea na sobrang okay ‘yung lasa.

So onto the body massage…
I’m not really an expert in reviewing this one. I’ve only ever tried body massage thrice in my entire life so I can’t say for sure if this is the best spa out there but it’s definitely my favorite place for now. I went in with a pilay right around the shoulder and a killer headache. The lady that assisted me was so nice she gave special attention to those areas while applying adequate and relaxing massage to my other pressure points. Super relaxing, as in! Worth it and affordable pa!

I kind of felt drowsy during the massage time. But since I’m madaldal, I fought against the urge to sleep and chatted the night away. Thanks to ate Leah for keeping up with me and for being nice enough to offer me advice on how I can deal with my vertigo attacks.

The highlights of the massage for me were the stretching parts and the massage for the head. Heaveeeen, dudes! I was actually scared that they’d fall short of my expectations but no, they delivered just fine and it helped a loy in soothing my aching nerves and muscles. Plus, it’s an added point that their oil is so well-scented. Ang bango bango! After the massage, my skin felt so smooth, soft and supple that I couldn’t stop touching it. I heard it was a peppermint oil among other ingredients. Hindi siya malagkit. Super soft to the touch talaga!

My all-in-all ratings: 4/5

Am I going back? YES. DEFINITELY.


For those interested, you can find them at 3rd Floor, 109 V. Luna, Anonas Ext. Road, Brgy. Sikatuna Village.

They are located on the third floor just beside the gym and above the Poshmark & Shopitude store.

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What is LOVE? 

Love is red, 

when that someone turns your way and your stomach flips, butterflies flutter and your toes curl.

It is blue, 

when voices rise and your hands ball into fists until both of your hearts crash and feelings freeze over until nothing is right and everything is numb.

Finally Black, 

when all your dreams spin to its end and you are helpless as you gasp and pant and beg for a second chance but pictures have been burned and memories have been forgotten – then you realize nothing is ever going back.

It is love when you cuddle in bed, kiss and fight and make-up – when you hope and long for a future.
It is not love when you leave and step out of that door.

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Dear Blog | vol. 2


Dear Blog, 

I was browsing my old posts and I stumbled upon my first volume of Dear Blog link-up. I stifled a laugh kasi it felt damn funny and ironic. I was back to the same state I was in before but everything seemed so far different now. Even how I felt then is different compared to how I feel now. So many things have changed in just a few months. Bilis talaga ng panahon.

What’s ironic though is although so much has changed, my thoughts and feelings and frights and dreams haven’t. I’m still an emotional mess.

Let me discuss this in detail:

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Decoding The Boys – 1 

1 –  Weirdos
Javee De Villa

Uh oh.
‘Di yata namin masisimulan ‘yung game. Ten AM ang nasa schedule, almost 9:35 na. Tapos, wala pa kami sa Macapagal. Damn. First game pa naman ng Intersci ngayon. Ayokong malate! My brother would be playing today and I’d be doomed kung malalaman niyang pati ba naman dito ay mahuhuli ako!

Badtrip. Sunud-sunod na din ang mga texts sa’kin ng mga kaibigan ko. It wasn’t really my fault though, not really. Ito kasing si Lhyle, e. Ang tagal bago ako sinundo. He said he’d pick me up at around 8:30, dumating ba naman ng past nine. Heto tuloy. Dapat pala sumabay na lang ako kina kuya.

For the nth time, huminto kami dahil sa traffic jam. Napalingon ako kung nasan na kami. Yes! Macapagal na rin pala. If it kept up, aabot pa kami. Sana.
Kung hindi, malilintikan talaga sa’kin ‘tong kasama ko!

I frowned deeply and anxiously gripped my phone. The tisoy guy beside me sent a sidelong glance and smiled in mischief.

“Chill, J. ‘Di naman tayo mala-late,” Lhyle, my best friend, coaxed,”Relax ka nga lang d’yan. Nakaka-tensed ka e.”

Inirapan ko sya, kunwaring nakasimangot na. “Pag ako pinagalitan ni kuya, yari ka talaga sa’kin.”

Well, not really pagagalitan pero kahit na. Nakakaguilty pa rin na ma-late sa game nya, lalo na’t first game nya ‘to in this year’s UAAP. See, star player ng university namin si kuya Jacob and this was very special to him. Add pa the fact na nakasalalay dito ang dignity namin. It wasn’t new naman kasi na may bad rivalry talaga between Intersci and Centrex U. Though syempre, ganon naman talaga kapag UAAP season na. Hindi lang between us; even other universities have rivalries as well, ‘yun lang, mas maingay ang sa amin because of social media incidents.

That’s why excited din talaga akong manood ngayon. Bukod sa first time ko to watch a live match, I had to see this game because of some bet. For the longest time, my brother was bragging about this game kaya my sibs and I decided to play a silly bet. We need to guess kung ilang points ang maipapasok ni Kuya Jacob. I opted for twenty points just to play safe.

“Bakit? Ano’ng gagawin mo sakin?” sagot ni Lhyle, habang lumalawak ang ngiti.

I glowered at him.

Lhyle grinned. Sarap bigwasan.

In a beat, umandar na ulit ang traffic flow and fortunately, nagtuluy-tuloy na kaya nakarating na din kami sa MOA arena.

As soon as we parked the car, I ran my way inside. Mabuti na lang pala at naka white converse lang ako ngayon at ‘di yung usual boots na suot ko. Less hassle!

When we got in, relief immediately flooded me. ‘Di pa nagsisimula. Medyo sakto din yun dating namin dahil two minutes late lang naman.

Grabe. Iba pala talaga ang vibes ng UAAP, noh?

Kakapasok pa lang namin pero ramdam ko na yung tension at excitement. ‘Yung totoo. Lahat ng inis ko kanina nawala sa isang iglap. Nakakahawa yung atmosphere! Tas, halos dalawang kulay lang ang makikita ngayon, those that are supporting the Red centaurs (kalaban namin) and us, the blue Eagles. We went to the VIP area na, kung nasa’n ang mga kaibigan namin. May mga bumati on our way down. Medyo kilala kasi kami ni Lhyle sa campus.

And did I ever mention the guy’s a total player?

Our friends perked up when they saw us.

“Ang tagal nyo, girl,” agad na sabi ni Anjo nang makaupo na kami. “Anyare? Kinain lang ng daan?”

“Ang tagal nito e. Nakipagdate pa yata sa mga chics nya,” I shrugged. Lhyle just snickered.

“As usual,” Max said, rolling her eyes. “Dapat pala sa’min ka na sumabay.”

“Oo nga e. ‘Di bale, next time.” Tumawa ako, sabay tingin sa paligid.”Wait, ba’t ‘di pa nagsisimula?”

Anjo sighed. “Technical issues daw. Ang tagal nga e. Excited pa naman ako, fckers.”

Yes, sports junkies kaming magkakaibigan. It’s entirely the reason why we have boy nicknames kahit na puro babae kami. And what’s ironic? Si Lhyle na nag-iisang lalaki, sya pa ‘tong pambabae ang pangalan.

Weird, diba?

Si Anjo, (Angelou), is the to-go girl pag dating sa basketball. From animes down to local and international games, updated ‘yan. Her dad’s a coach kasi sa university namin.

Si Maxxie naman, (Maxinne), is our volleyball team’s captain ball. Sa’min lahat, sya ang pinaka-boyish kung kumilos but she’s a princess at heart.

Then there’s Hiro, (Hiromi), our Japanese tennis player. Fierce sa court, but outside those games? A total wallflower.

And the last, my best friend since elementary days.

Ahron, (Reah), is our student council president, campus queen, and a famous model. She doesn’t play any sports, like me, but we’re both into it just the same.
As for me, council treasurer ako and our dance troupe’s VP.
Si Lhyle, wala. Kina-career ang pambababae nya.

“Sino ba sinusuportahan mo?” I heard Hiro ask Anjo.

“Ano bang klaseng tanong yan? Syempre team natin. Duh!” Anjo replied, rolling her eyes.

Ahron smirked. “Really, now? Hindi si Racel Gutierez?”

Namula si Anjo. “Uy, hindi noh!”

Napatawa ako. “Talaga lang ah.”

“Oo nga, promise! Kainis kayo! Kahit gwapo si Racel, mas hot pa rin si Jacob noh!”

“Oo na, oo na,” natatawang sagot ko.

Matagal ko nang naririnig yung Racel Gutierez na ‘yon. Magaling nga daw at may hitsura. Well, considering na sya ang team captain ng kabila, baka nga. Nacurious tuloy ako bigla. Grabe kasi ang inis d’yan nina kuya, e.

“Pero real talk, mas gumaling daw yung kabilang team,” Max said suddenly.
“Dahil daw dun sa Justin. Bago ba nila ‘yon?”

“Mamaw yun, si Mercedez,” singit ni Lhyle. “This year lang sumali sa varsity nila pero magaling nga.”

“Wag nga kayo,” sabat ko. “Baka ma-jinx nyo pa.”
Nagtawanan sila.

“Oo nga naman. Nagagalit si boss oh. Sister complex,” biro ni Lhyle kaya inirapan ko na lang sya.

Suddenly, nag-vibrate ang phone ko.

Kuya Andrei:
Come outside.

Napakunot noo ko.

Why? Where?

Kuya Andrei:
Parking lot. Here with the others.

Huh. Anong meron? Bakit nasa labas pa sila e magsisimula na ‘yung game. Either way, nagpaalam ako sa mga kaibigan ko and did as told. Finding them was easy. May mga group of girls ba naman na nakapaligid. And they were also a tall, handsome bunch. Really hard to miss.

“Kuya!” sigaw ko, getting their attention.

Instantly, four heads turned to look at me. Nakakatuwa. Kumpleto kaming magkakapatid ngayon. Kumaway ako sa kanila. Napangiti naman sila at tumango sa’kin.

Lumapit ako, ignoring the girls whispering around us.

“What are you dudes doing here? Baka mag-start na yung game,” sabi ko nang makalapit ako.

I fist-bumped with them by way of greeting.

Kuya Travis smiled at me. Our eldest. “Moral support, bunso, bago magsimula ‘yung laro.”

“Mukhang kabado pa ‘tong si Jacob e. Sinamahan lang namin,” natatawang dagdag ni kuya Chris, pangalawa samin.

“Asa naman, tol,” sagot ni kuya Jacob. Then he told me, “Ang tagal mo. Kanina ka pa namin hinahanap. Ang liit kasi e, ang hirap makita.”

I frowned. “Kapal mo, kuya. ‘Di ko kasalanan na malalaki kayo. Wait up. Why are you still here? You should be inside na, warm ups and all.”

He flashed his infamous smirk, showing his biceps. “Wala e. Batas ‘to e.”

“‘Di nga?” I asked, incredulous.

“Oo nga,” sagot nya, habang nakangisi. “Tss. Wala ‘to. Walang tiwala sa kapatid nya.”

I wrinkled my nose. “Overconfidence results to defeat kasi.”

“Asa, ” snorted kuya Jacob. “I’mma beat those Cen U losers. Hintay ka lang, sis. Wala kang kabilib-bilib sa kuya mo e.”

Nagtawanan lang kami. All the while, pinagtitinginan kami ng mga tao. It felt unnerving kahit papano. Alam ko naman na may hitsura naman ako at marunong din makipagsabayan sa pagporma. Still, I didn’t like being stared at.

“Balita ko may bago daw sa kabila ah?” simula ni kuya Chris.

“Ah, ‘yung Mercedez?” Ngumisi si kuya Jacob. “Wala naman ‘yun. Kahit magsama pa sila ni Gutierez.”

“Just don’t lose your guard. You know better than that,” matahimik na dagdag ni kuya Andrei.

“Oo naman, tol. Ako pa ba?”
Kuya Jacob suddenly looked at his phone.
“Start na daw,” he announced. “I better get going.”

“Good luck, kuya,” sabi ko, sabay yakap na rin.

“Galingan mo, bro,” Kuya Andrei said, his eye smile showing.

“Ikaw na bahala. Kaya mo yan.”
“Ipanalo mo, tol.”

We tapped his shoulder and entered the arena complex together. Pagkatapos, naghiwa-hiwalay na kami papunta sa kanya-kanyang mga kaibigan namin.

When I got back to my seat, Ahron faced me. “What’s up?”

“Moral support daw,” I said with a laugh.

“Seconds before the game?” She muttered, “Weirdos.”

‘Di na ‘ko nakasagot pa ’cause in a beat, the game finally started.

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Decoding The Boys 

In my opinion, there are three major rules that every girl must obey at all times.

First, follow the Girl code.

Second, decode the Martian language. (Language of guys)

And third, learn the Player Archetypes.

If you know all these, then you’re good to go. You can guarantee that you’re safe, kahit anong mangyari.

College life?


Kayang kaya.

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My All-Time Rainy Hits 


1. Snow Patrol | Chasing Cars

2. Stephen Speaks. | Passenger Seat. 

3. Charlie Puth | We Don’t Talk Anymore 

4. Shawn Mendes | Treat You Better 

5. Hailee Steinfield | Starving 

6. The Chainsmokers | Closer 

7. Parachute | She Is Love 

8. Rick Price | Only Heaven Knows 

9. Kidrock | Only God Knows Why 

10. Matchbox Twenty | If You’re Gone 

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It’s not new knowledge to my friends how much I enjoy my TV shows. Watching in fact is almost the only thing I do in my free time that my father often calls me out on it ‘coz I never go out of my room. I’m obsessed and proud! One such addiction in particular is my on-going love/hate relationship with Supernatural. In my last link-up, I mentioned that my baby is back in the small screen so to celebrate that, I opted to write an appreciation post for it! Yay!

For those who haven’t watched it yet, let me give you a brief background of what it is all about.

Two brothers follow their father’s footsteps as “hunters” fighting evil supernatural beings of many kinds including monsters, demons, and gods that roam the earth.

This show has been around for twelve years now so imagine the amount of fans it gathered over the years. And why wouldn’t it? Supernatural literally has every – fucking – thing, and that’s not exaggerating it! Sounds unreal? Yeah, I initially thought so, too. But after receiving a copy from my best friend and watching the first three episodes of the first season, I’ve immediately and irrevocably fallen in love with it to the point I sacrificed my sleep just to finish all nine seasons in 2 weeks! Imagine, 2 weeks! Nine seasons! Ha!

Case in point, here’s a run down of why I love this treasure so much:


The roadtrips, the adventure, the sequences, the story per episode – all of it! I love everything about Supernatural. This The Road theme specifically separates them from all other shows out there because of its dynamism and movement. We are never on the same place doing the same thing. Sam and Dean are always on the road, saving people, hunting things, and doing their family business. It’s entirely unique.


I respect and admire all those that make up this wonderful team. From the directors to producers to showrunners down to the writers and the crew, everyone is simply amazing. Their creativity is great and the gags and fan services they think of are unlike any other.

And the meta, boy the meta.

Supernatural is not afraid to explore uncharted waters – let it be taking the boys to a parallel world where their show is a tv show, bringing them to the past to see their history, killing their own crew in an episode, having a book about them published and letting the boys watch a musical inspired by their lives, this show has done everything – literally breaking the fourth wall. Ha.

Also, I have this feeling the research crew is always on top of things. They seem to be aware of what’s going on in the fandom as they are never afraid to give us what we want – sometimes even reaching out to us in several episodes.


Supernatural has everything, and I mean everything! The fandom is huge and we’re conquering tumblr simply because we have gif for everything. No exaggeration there. Thanks to its long years on the small screen and its uncanny tendency to try out different and random things, we have a wide selection of quotable quotes, images, and gifs to use to express our feelings and thoughts – and even to invade and take over a tumblr post.

The fandom is so notorious that other fandoms know and dread their tendency to invade. Ha. Even non-fans are aware of the storyline because of how spread out we are.



Not to mention we have a unique array of quotes and lines thanks to the writers and casts. Like Assbutt and idjit and Bitch & Jerk (aww!) plus a few more other sassy lines coming from equally sassy characters.


Supernatural is pretty rich with myths and urban legends. They explore and highlight different monsters/creatures every episode and it’s this scare factor that rose them to fame despite starting quite small in season 1. People just love the gore and fright, as well as the unique portrayals of the myth creatures.

Some of these monsters were common to us, like the usual vampires, werewolves, angels, demons  and ghosts but there were rare ones, like Wendigos, Djinn, and so many more. What I like about Supernatural though is their take on angels/demons and God. It’s nice and refreshing to see how they’ll create a fresh twist on a tale that most of us, if not all, already know.


One of the best thing ever. I love that they don’t just focus on the gore, drama and action, but they also give time to create funny scenes to lighten up the mood – even better, they usually throw these funny lines between and during tough situations! If you haven’t watched it yet, I recommend that you do so now. With the tv shows references to agent names to come-backs to meta to gags to dean’s love of porn, you’ll definitely get addicted to Supernatural. And there’s Castiel too, our resident angel, who’s probably the focus of half the gifs in the fandom.

Lemme give you a taste of his spell…


It’s really hard to not get attached, don’t you think?


I wasn’t a fan of classic rock until Supernatural. But Dean does – so much! One thing I can say is that this show really knows its songs well. They got great choices here so expect a whole tad of great bands like AC/DC, Kansas, Blue Oyster Cult, Styx, Bad Company, and many more.

And that’s not the end of it. Boy, don’t even get me started with the official soundtrack.

Carry On My Wayward Son is so rad and lit that I get goosebumps everytime I hear it – especially if it’s playing on the season finale with all those flashbacks and recaps! Dayum, Kansas really did well with this baby!




This show will pull at your heartstrings. If it doesn’t, then you’re not normal. Either that, or you failed to get into the world fully.

Supernatural has all the main issues and factors one would want to see in a TV show. It showcases love, family, duty, strength, heroism, fatal flaws, weaknesses and even conflicts and death. It has life and death (literally) and everything in between, hence why it’s so damn believable and organic. They don’t only show the external struggles, they also focus with the internal ones. I love how it doesn’t focus on romance but it centers around family. I remember crying so much in some episodes, especially in season 5, and I also remember laughing my lungs out whenever Castiel or Bobby Singer pops up and says something funny or sassy.

It’s a quicksand, see. Once you step in, there’s no other way but to fall deeper into is web of magic. There’s no way out.

It’s also commendable how fluid, well-rounded and cohesive the story is. Supernatural has its long list of writers, crew and even showrunners but they have consistency and we don’t get lost even when they throw us in a different direction. And can we just appreciate all the hard work they put into their research? It shows. It really shows, because I always find myself wondering where on earth they got those content? Fantabulous. Simply fantabulous. 

The story and plot is, although common, still brilliant and heartwrenching that I can’t get enough. It gets darker and sadder and harder. But there’s light at the end of every tunnel and Sam and Dean always find a way to make it work for them. They’re not perfect but they got each other and that makes a damn difference.


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Sam and Dean are brothers with an unbelievably tragic history, arduous present and bleak future. They have friends but most of them are gone or away. They only have each other to rely on and this is what makes this show bittersweet. This show did a great job in emphasizing the importance of family, especially in those episodes where they showed John and Mary, because they remind us of the little things we tend to ignore. While most of us neglect the small matters of our daily life, Sam and Dean are pining for this sense of normalcy. They’ve been robbed of normal childhood and all they want are home and family, which makes them more relatable. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to see them long for the family they want, the parents they barely had, the dreams they weren’t allowed to have. I think this is the main reason why they’re so bonded. They literally don’t have anything but each other. That makes it more special.


Supernatural has a long list of actors and actresses in their midst and most of them made an impact to the fandom.

Even Mary Winchester whom appeared only a few times on TV remain one of the popular characters in the show.

What I like about SPN is its tendency to create fleshed-out side characters – and really good villains. Oh yes, definitely the villains as well.

We get to have Castiel, the innocent and funny angel whom has stolen everyone’s hearts. A character we love to love.

Then there’s Crowley, the sassy king of hell that everyone simply hates to love.

Don’t even start with Lucifer. He’s by far my most favorite because it’s really hard to hate this villain. We understand him, we relate to him, we know his strengths and flaws, and we know where he is coming from. The showrunners did a great job in portraying Lucifer in the show and Mark Pellegrino is the best cast for him! Definitely. 

Then we also have Bobby Singer, the father of all great quotes and sass remarks and the boys’ father figure. Words can’t describe how much I value his presence in the show. He’s just that awesome!

We also have other characters, those that give us a glimpse to the rest of the world to create a sense of realism and believability.  You’d be surprised how much you’ll learn how to care for them even though they’re just supports.

You should follow the casts on their twitters. Their chemistry and sense of humor are not only good onscreen but offscreen as well. They’re really a joy to be around.


Why we love and stay with Supernatural to begin with. There’s nothing more amazing than to see two brothers bromancing each other on TV. They are the heart and spine of the show and they are literally the core of everything. In a show where monsters and myths dominate, the Winchesters give us the human side of the show – they represent us and they connect to us.

Dean Winchester is the older brother and the more sarcastic and impulsive of the two. He’s obedient to his absent father, almost like a blind soldier already, and supportive of his little brother whom he dotes on.

While Sam Winchester is the more studious type, a careful guy who thinks before he acts. Despite his reserved nature, Sam is more flawed than his brother and he more than once made mistakes that drove a wedge between them.

Together these boys make us laugh, cry, hurt, scream and just feel. They are strong and flawed and unstoppable and painfully humane.

I love how the showrunners focused on their relationship. It made me care for the boys, made me laugh and cry with them, made me get mad at them and forgive them. It’s totally a great thing to build such connection because this is how you know how much something has affected you.

Not only that, I love how the writers depicted the progress of the relationship. It’s the reality within the paranormal theme of the show. Sam and Dean had always been close since they were little boys. Then things changed when Sam went away to study in a university. This is where the story started, because Dean had to find his brother again and enlist his help in finding their father. From there, the relationship just got deeper in the sense that they are too in tune with each other so much so that it creates memorable and rather funny scenes sometimes. Of course this changed over the years and the seasons as problems and conflicts were hurtled in their direction.

Still, the brotherly affection and duty remained. Sam will always be Dean’s Sammy and Dean will always be Sam’s big brother. The writers are so good in making them more believable and lovable that I can’t seem to get myself out of their bromance web.


1967 Chevy Impala, a.k.a Baby, stole the limelight from the boys despite being damaged more than once.  It’s not just a car, it’s the symbol of the boys’ entire lives. See, in a life where nothing is ever constant for the Winchesters, Baby is the only thing they have – that one thing that’s always around even before everything went wrong. Originally their dad’s car, the Impala has been their home and haven since they started on the road. It’s so important that Chuck even wrote a special part dedicated to it.

You should see how much Dean loves his baby. It actually adds to the comic relief/emotion-rifling part of the show!


Supernatural is not just a show for me. It’s part of my life. It taught me the importance of family, friends and dreams. It taught me to fight for what I believe in, to fix every mistake that I caused, to be more aware of what’s right and wrong. It helps me build my moral principles and for that alone, I am grateful that I discovered this show.





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