Sunday Currently | vol. 6

Sunday Currently vol. 6

The plot thickens as I experience ups and downs this week. Faith and friendship were tested as new beliefs formed and took shape. It’s amazing how much we can learn in just a short amount of time and I am still reeling and feeling stupefied about everything even now.

I was so close and on the verge of breaking down last Tuesday but thanks to some friends, and God syempre, I was able to get my shit together and pull myself up. Aja aja lang!

So what’s been happening?



Hm. This is tricky. I’ve listened to various songs today but if I really need list one right now, I guess it’s Will be back from the ost of Scarlet Heart Ryeo. Yeah, it’s sorta depressing but it really helped me sort out my emotions. Like, it’s a really big help since I really needed a good cry today. Which I had. Thanks to this song. It’s Cathartic.


I think I need to catch up with my English dramas. I’ve been way way behind with my list and it doesn’t help that new ones add up to my pile of to-watch. Cough Breaking Bad Cough. 

By the way, I watched Peculiar Children with my best friend last Friday and oh my  god, I’d never been so disappointed. It was boring from the get-go!! So much potential wasted. So many characters unexplored. What a waste of Eva’s talents! (And my money!)


Equal parts puzzled and hopeful. I mentioned earlier that I was on the verge of breaking down last Tuesday ‘coz of work, yeah? But thanks to God – and I say this truly with all my heart – I was able to get past that storm and face the rest of the week head-on. Grabe. God really does move in mysterious ways. Ramdam na ramdam ko siya this week, so I’m more grateful more than anything else.

Though on the other hand, I’ve been melancholic din because of my gran’s situation. We visited her last time kasi. The entire family was there except for the eldest son, so it was good naman but the look on my lola’s face weighs heavily on my mind. I have this feeling she’s going to go real soon. She’s been terribly weak na and she’s lost so much weight, too. I couldn’t help but tear up whenever I remember her crying face. She was saying goodbye to her sons. Oh, Lord. Wag naman sana. I still want her to live for a little longer. I love her so much.


Kanina I spent my entire day feeling sorry for myself. It’s not that I’m body shaming myself pero parang ganun na nga. Haha. There are so many things I want to change myself lalo na when I look into the mirror. I don’t like what I see and it gives me absurd and rather expensive thoughts. Aside from that, I’ve also googled so many camera options just in case there’s something much better than Fujifilm X-a3. I found that Xt10 is better but since it’s an old model compared to the newly released XA-3, I’m kinda reluctant to change my plans.

Hm. I think it’s better if I buy the 35mm lens nalang noh? Yeah, that could work too.

I also considered buying Canon 6D or something from the Nikon line but I’m tamad kasi. I can’t be bothered to bring a bulky cam everytime I go out and chill with my folks. So yeah. Mirrorless cam it is!


Pizza. Pay day, baby! So I decided to treat my folks and ordered pizza for them! Tama nga ang trainer ko. It’s PDP – Petsa de Peligro.  Haha. But hey, as long as everyone’s happy then I’m all for it.

Like my dad used to say, hindi pinagdadamot ang pagkain. It’s God’s blessing. A happy tummy means a happy day.

So yeah. Kahit na I exercised my butt off in the morning, I still ended up wolfing down three pizzas and two glasses of pepsi. Cheat day everyday!!


Loads of things… like…

1) Buy tons of make-up. But I can’t decide between Maybelline and that cute panda lippie from Tony Moly.

2) Roadtrip and chill at Bag of Beans, Tagaytay with friends. 

3) Go and try Breakout with le clique but puro drawing kasi. 

4) Slim down or get fatter. 

5) Mag-ipon. Hiraaaap!


Right. I should probably go back to writing my stories instead of boring holes into my ceiling. Damn procrastination.


God. Only God. I’ll be fine with just God.

Happy Sunday, y’all. Christmas is already upon us. I hope we all spend our money wisely so we can look forward to a much better holiday get-away this December!


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