Sunday Currently | vol. 7


Sunday Currently vol. 7

People come and go. I know this by heart but it doesn’t mean it hurt any less. I’ve already grown to love the friends I recently made and it’s sad to see some of them go, lalo na at alam kong we can’t maintain the connection. Ganon naman talaga, ‘di ba? We’re friends now, but as soon as the gap widens, the close proximity is gone, and the communication fades, wala na. Hmm.

Sad nu?



Thanks to Mcdo and a series of hang-out with my colleagues, I discovered a new classic! Vertical Horizon is dope, man, and I regret not discovering them much earlier!

I’m especially in love with Forever, Goodbye Again, and You’re a God. 


Must. Watch. Game. Of. Thrones. Again!

Been seeing so many teasers and spoilers everywhere and dang it! Why is it taking so long to return? I wanna know if Jon will end up marrying Sansa, or Dany, or no one. C’mon, King in the North. Show me something here!

And there’s been rumors of Khal Drogo coming back! YES, PLEASE. Get that hot piece of meat back on TV! Do it, D&D, and I’ll love you forever.


Happy and sad. But more on the sad side. Oh, and stressed! Yeah, definitely stressed as well. (Cough, work, cough!)


How I can fucking save up. Goddamit, I spent all my ipon for my dad’s gift. Haha, no regrets on this one, but how am I going to buy that XA3 on time?!


CHOCOLATE CAKE! Goodbye, work-out days. Hello, cheat days!


Same old, same old.


My pending blog posts. Yes. I’m doing my blogger duties now. Yes. Must be a miracle.


A long period of hibernation.

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