So, I discovered another happy place!

I first encountered this Antiteasis on Instagram when one of my favorite bloggers posted a picture about it. Since then, it’s always been on my mind. I’m a great lover of quirky cafes, see. So much so that I think my blog has slowly turned into a cafe blog. I was even dubbed as Mits The Food Explorer by my friends. But hey, I’m not complaining and I actually love the name so I’m going to keep it here.


The name of this quaint cafe instantly piqued my interest. It’s a cross between antithesis and tea (haha!) and as soon as I saw it on IG, I knew I just had to drop by and check it out for myself.

I just love how refreshing the cafe is. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but the color of brown mixing with other soft colors felt stimulating and calming to my eyes. Even though their space is small, it’s evenly decorated and I simply adore the bookshelves on display. They have various books available there, so if you’re planning to stay for hours and just relax, you can!

Antiteasis will surely be a hit among teenagers and students. There are cargo boxes serving as low tables and plenty of pillows scattered on the floor if you want to sit or lean back. It’s really very cozy and I regret not finding this sooner! I would’ve gone here for my school projects because it’s exactly the perfect spot to do those!

When it comes to food though, I was disappointed to discover they only have limited selection. As the name suggests, they serve various teas but they also offer smoothies. I ordered their bestseller, the Strawberry Yakult smoothie, which by the way tasted so terrific. I was first reluctant to buy it because I didn’t trust the combination of strawberry and yakult, but I was glad I ordered it! It tasted amazing! It’s also served in a mason jar and I just couldn’t stop taking lots of pictures of it!

As for the tea, they offer lots of flavors (more selections on their iPad) but we opted for the Vanilla Almond to play it safe. I’m not really knowledgeable with teas and all, and being presented with an entire page of teas overwhelmed me so I chose the one that sounded familiar to me. Vanilla and Almond, both my favorite.

It was a great choice, though, because I super loved their Vanilla Almond tea! It has a nice, soothing taste – simply perfect for people who are fan of teas.

For dessert, I ordered a blueberry cheesecake to go with my smoothie. I actually wanted to try the donuts but they didn’t have it when we came. I’ll make sure to come back for them!

My friend and I spent the next two hours just chatting and exploring the place. We came on a Tuesday, around 2 PM, so there was no one around. Basically, we had the entire place to ourselves, which I loved because I got to roam around and check the various books in display. I absolutely love how calming Antiteasis felt. It’s exactly the best chilling place for a writer like me! Hoorah!

I really enjoyed my stay. I’ll be sure to come back on a Thursday to try out their Tarot reading!

For those who wanna try, Antiteasis is located at Unit C, 154 Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village 1100 Quezon City, Philippines

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After our hang-out in Cafe Pression, the gang decided to head out to Espana for some Plane Bistro experience. This, of course, was unplanned ’cause I realized we’re never really good at planning. See, we initially wanted to roam around Padre Noval and try some Korean food in Santorini but it was almost nine PM and the restaurant closes around that time.

And so began our trip in finding another restaurant.

Good thing we stumbled upon Plane Bistro(thanks google) and the good part? It closes around 11 PM. Just what the nocturnals needed. (cough, friends, cough)

As we arrived, we were immediately taken by the over-all theme of the place. There’s a big plane at the reception, appropriate decorations were lined on the walls and as if those weren’t enough, the crews were dressed as flight attendants as well!

We automatically led ourselves upstairs where more themed tables and decorations are. I just love how grammable the entire place is. There are clocks and even one big map on the wall! It reminds me of those places I want to visit. Oh, the struggle is real.

We were so hungry by this time. So after receiving the menu, we took our time in deciding our food. We ended up buying Buffalo Wings (130), Burger Steak (150), Classic Fried Chicken (130), Beef Stroganoff (145) and Chicken Barbeque (150).


The. Food. Was. Great.

Surprising, really, because I was prepared to be disappointed. But no, one bite of their Burger Steak and I immediately fell in love with it. The servings were the right amount, too, ’cause we were so full by the time we were done. In fact, my friends were so satisfied we decided we’ll be back to try the other cuisines as well. It doesn’t hurt that the prices were affordable too.

Will I recommend this? Yes, definitely, basing on my over-all experience. It’s definitely a must-try themed restaurant if you’re looking for a near and affordable place to feature in your instagram and blogs.

Plane Bistro is located at 1920 España Boulevard, Corner Kundiman Street, Sampaloc, Manila

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5 Happy Things This Week | vol. 2 


The good thing about this link-up is that I can follow the things that made me happy. For someone who is very moody, this is very helpful. It can be very uplifting and it boosts my optimism in life. So many things, stupid things, happened to me this week but let’s cross them out and focus on the more beautiful things in life.

Here’s my five happy things this week.

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