5 Happy Things This Week | vol. 3


Hey, y’all. I was supposed to update my Sunday Currently link-up but considering I missed the chance, I’ll do this instead. Time check, it’s almost 1 AM as I write this. I didn’t actually plan to write a post today but something really uh-may-ziiing happened to me today and so, I can’t stop the urge to write, I just had to do it!

Wow. Just wow.

Who would’ve thought? Weeks ago, I thought nothing good would come to me this season. Like, I was losing hope and morale but God is really amazing. He was able to turn my life around through simple but powerful things. In fact, this week’s done nothing but give me good vibes . Maybe December is really my month all along! Hoshet. God is really great noh? This is something I’ve known deep inside but never really pondered on properly until today. It’s astounding how He has this certain way of reminding you that even though you you feel like you’re in your rock bottom and lowest of lows, He’s still there. My friend was right when she said, great news are better served unexpected. It’s really surreal.

So, with that said, let’s get straight to my five happy things this week.

1) Kim Jaejoong. Need I say enough? This man not only made my week, he also made my entire life. LEGIT, NO JOKE. He’s so important to me that I even scampered out of my cave and back into blogging because I really wanted to write about his fan meeting. Kim Jaejoong brought me back to the writing scene. He is my fulfilled dream and answered prayer. He deserves the #1 spot. Imagine, I waited all my life and now, I can say I got to see him in person! Best. December. Ever. Y’all!

2) Received a really good offer. I can’t really disclose much right now but I’ve been talking to this certain person about something that might really affect my future – in a good way. This is something that’s been tickling my mind on and off in the past but I didn’t expect it would actually come true. It’s really a week of answered prayers, eh? December is really a mystical time. Finally, I can do one of the things I really loved doing but I’m hoping I won’t fuck things up. Crossed fingers!

3) Christening of baby Zach. Everybody close to me knows how much I adore my family so seeing them bonding over drinks and food makes me happy. Too bad I couldn’t drink Franzia with them. Haha, still haven’t gotten over that hangover incident. 

4) Tita Chiaki will be spending my birthday with me. My aunt made a promise she’ll be coming with us to Laguna this coming Christmas holiday. I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like because they live so far from Manila so I’m really excited! Now, if only I can brush up on my rusty Japanese.

5) Closure. For years, I’ve been trying to communicate with my previous company so I can finish my commitment and get my closure. The response came 2 years late but hey, better late than never. 

Wow. Looking back, it’s been a really amazing week. I hope I’ll face even better news in the coming weeks. So there. That’s all for now. Must hit the sack now. Night, folks!


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