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It’s very hard to pique my attention. I am someone who easily jumps from one topic of interest to the next, so when anything, anything at all, gets to me, that means they are huge!

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One thing about me, I’m a super dorky music junk. It’s almost impossible to find me without my earphones with me. It’s my life. I love music and it’s the color to my otherwise dull life.

If you’ll ask me what genre I prefer over the other, you’ll actually find me blinking hard and stumbling over my thoughts.

The reason is that I’d like to see myself as a music eclectic. I listen to all sorts, from one extreme to the next, some even so strange my friends don’t even expect it. From acoustic to alternative rock to downright death core. Yeah, name it, I love it.

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Who: Me and Janine
What: City hopping
Where: Makati to Bonifacio Global City to Mckinley Hill to Bonifacio Highstreet
When: January 10, 2016
Why: Because we can


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