Do You Remember

that day when we first met
and how you were the most wonderful person I ever saw

Do you remember
that night when a storm struck the city
and how you stayed under the rain just to tell me how sorry you are

Do you remember
the Christmas festival that we went to for the first time together
and how we shared our first kiss under the mistletoe

Do you still remember
I want you to remember

Do you remember
those crazy weeks we spent in the cold
and how our dreams went crashing down with just a single, careless mistake

Do you even remember
the months I tried to reach out to you
and how you refused to answer any of my calls

Do you remember
Do you remember
that restless Monday afternoon when you finally showed up after a year
and how you left me in tears in the same day

Do you still remember
I don’t want to remember

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Dearest You

Dearest you,

I was raised under the belief that true love waits, that we are all born to be with that precious person destined for us. If that is true, then I believe you’re mine.

But where are you?

Look. I’m not rushing. I just want to know – want to be reassured that this wait is certainly worth the shot in the dark. I don’t even know you. Not even sure if I already met you. But I’m waiting.

I can imagine various scenarios that can happen once we meet. None of these can compare to what will truly happen the exact moment our paths intertwine.

I am not rushing you, my love. I just want you to know that I am here, wondering if you are stuck in the worst traffic jam to date.

Sincerely, me

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His Joke

The rain pattered down heavily, soaking her wet completely. On normal circumstances, she would’ve run out for shelter but today was not her favorite.

She was hurting and under the downpour, she wanted to hide her tears.

It was agonizing. To see the man of her dreams in the arms of another woman, it was a pain she wasn’t ready to feel yet. Still, there was nothing she could do. They were in love and she’d already lost her chance even before she tried to grab it.

“What the fuck are you doing there?” a familiar voice cried out. “Come back inside. You’ll get sick!”

Like her, he had no umbrella to shield him from the rain. She slowly turned around, looking at the man she had unfortunately fallen in love with.

“I want to tell you something,” she said.

She knew it was too late. But she wanted to do it. End the misery once and for all.

The look that crossed his face screamed outright rejection but she said it anyway.

“I’m in love with you.”

He blinked, seemingly taken by surprise. She’d already played his possible different reactions a thousand times in her head but the one she received threw her off.

He laughed. “Sorry, but I can’t love you like that. You’re my friend. But really, you love me?”

Every part of her body tensed. Here came the rejection she so expected. Yet, it didn’t numb the pain.

Mustering a grin to save face, she said, “Dream on. I was joking.”

Then she walked past him, never sparing glance. Tears welled up and streamed down her cheeks.

Her entire body froze when his reply came, almost above a whisper.

“So was I.”

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She was there when you first learned to talk.

She was there when you first learned to sit.

She was there when you grew up.

She was there when things went wrong.

She was there when you were not.

She is your first memory.

She is your first companion.

She is your first friend.

She is your first love.

One day,

You will forget her face.

Her voice.

Her touch.

Her words.

But never her love.


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