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This is my first try at doing something like this so I’m not really sure what to say or if I should be witty or dorky. Bwahaha.

Anyway. There are so many things I want to say right now but I’ll stick to the norm, cut you some slack and proceed to my first ever volume of SUNDAY CURRENTLY.



Been listening to One Ok Rock lately. Yeah, it’s the post-concert syndrome and I’m still so stuck and enamored with Heartache! Gah. Taka!


Sherlock Special: The Abominable Bride.


Hopeful, lost and bleah. To be honest, I’ve been kind of blue lately. I recently resigned from my first job and now, I feel scared that 1) I might be going to the wrong path 2) I won’t be able to find a new work 3) My life is going to become hellish, useless and pointless.

But I remain hopeful. Times like this when we feel drained and empty, it’s when you can hear God’s voice the most. He won’t let me down.


Of other creative things to do with my blog. I’m reallyyyy bummed, to be honest. I want to have a bright but simplistic theme but I don’t have a credit card. If anyone knows how to have a better theme without paying, please let me know. (Though I really doubt it. Sigh.)


Burger. My step mother fixed some burgers earlier but since I am trying to do some diet, (lol, not really) I only ate one! ONE!


Suman, when I shouldn’t be. Haha.


Some blog posts about fashion, lifestyle and food. Also checking some articles about writing, blogging and traveling!


I wish I can land a good job next week. I have another job interview and I’m hoping it’s IT!


My keyboard. Ha!


This blog, my twitter rants, and some stories on Wattpad. Come to think of it, I most definitely have to update Decoding the Boys already, plus my Starstruck fic 😉


This 2016 will definitely be a blast for me! I entered this year as a young adult in her twenties, part of the growing workforce of the Philippines, and a fresh soul aspiring to be someone with a goal! That, and I swear I will finish a story by the end of this year.


So I’m not sure whom follows who and if anyone is interested enough to know what’s been going on in my life, but to you who is reading this: I love you.

I am spreading the love and hope that God is giving me. This 2016, don’t let any negativity bring you down! Last year was both fun and heartbreaking to me but I am determined to make it different this year.

It should be:

Super duper FUN!

Heartbreakingly AMAZING!

and undoubtedly MEMORABLE!

Live. Love. Laugh.

Enjoy your Sunday, folks!


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