Sunday Currently | 02




Sunday Currently vol. 02

This is one helluva week for me. I can’t even put them into words. Just…wow!

I’d never imagined I’d be able to do the things I did this week, let alone consider doing them but I did. Oh, my gosh.

First, I ditched a job offer in Makati. Yeah, I know. How bitchy. It was a great company, honestly, and I have no idea why I felt so heavy and doubtful over the idea of working there when it was a good catch. Just, you know that feeling when nothing seems right about it? Yes. That’s how it felt like. I stressed over it the night before and I. Just. Don’t. See. Myself. Working. There.

So I refused the job offer and let one perfect opportunity pass by. Sigh.

But! Wait! Hold!

God is awesome, as always. Soon after that, like thirty minutes after, the company I was waiting for contacted me and told me I passed the interview. Hoorah! That means not only am I no longer hopeless and unemployed anymore, I am also a future employee of this start up company that I like. Oh yeah!!


Dreaming Alone by Chrissy and Taka.


Supernatural Season 11 and Remember (Korean drama)


Ecstatic, happy and blessed. Yes, God is really a wonder. It’s amazing how my feelings did a 180 and turned from blue to shining gold. Thank you, Lord!


About how blessed I’ve been this week. Also, I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to plot my favorite story.


My aficionado perfume!


Chocolate! Bad habit. Agh.


Wattpad stories at the moment. More importantly, Jenny Han’s stories.


I can start working the soonest!


My keyboard. Still. Ha!


This blog post and the foodventure post!

I’m also trying to finish the updates to Decoding the boys and Serendipity.


I will start exercising and burning my fats! Bwahahaha. I swear. I started this week. Let’s see the progress after 2 weeks. Crossed fingers! Hee hee.


God is forever great, you good souls out there! Never forget your blessings in life. They come in the most unexpected and simplest ways. God is silent but it doesn’t mean He is not there.



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