Dear Blog | vol 1

So, I’m not really sure if there’s a link up like this but since I’ve been wanting to do a journal-like post for a while now, I thought What the heck?  and decided to go along with the plan. Maybe it’s my version of Life Lately, What Now? and Friday’s Ten Happy Things. Not sure, since I want to try those as well.

Anyway. I’m feeling more productive now than I ever was the past months. I think it’s more to do with the fact that I’m using a computer than anything else. Don’t get me wrong. I actually like writing on my phone for my blog posts but there’s this satisfying feeling I get whenever I drum my fingers on the keyboards. Ha. Weird, right?

Dear Blog

It’s Sunday today but I’m working. I should’ve done this yesterday but I was out half of the day ’cause I had to go to the clinic to have my knee checked. Then, I went to the hospital for the blood examination. You know what I hated about it? I totally chickened out. I’m already 20 years old but the thought of having that needle prick my skin scared the hell out of me. Even worse, my elementary classmate, who is I think working there as a med tech, witnessed that horrible display of childishness. Ewan ko. I guess my last experience with syringes didn’t go well with me. The nurse did a really stupid job at taking my blood and from then, I avoided clinics when I can. 

But I really needed to get my knee examined. For two weeks now, it’s been hurting and I can’t seem to hold long walks. Heck, I can’t even fold it properly especially after using stairs. I don’t know what’s wrong. All my results were normal. The doctor said I should have it checked through MRI but before that, seek out a therapist. My dad won’t let me. Of course he won’t. I don’t even need to hear it because really, who’d pay for therapy? It’s a minor injury; one my dad believed would heal if I just rest it properly. I expected that, but it didn’t mean it hurt any less. I was actually pretty bummed when he said it. Gah!

Moving on, I started my work officially last Tuesday. I was supposed to come to HGS for an interview when Ms. Lara called me out for urgent reporting. When I got there, they had me call out different people, with the quota of twenty looming over my head. I was like, What the hell? How can I generate applicants just thru FB? That was insane, let alone impossible. But of course, I kept it to myself and just went to work. I only scheduled five, and the next day, only one showed up. Bummer. 

The four days in the company was good. Not that great but at least I was enjoying myself. Ms. Ana, our business consultant, was very eager to have me stay in the company. She told me she’d raise the salary if I deliver well within ten days. It was barely even five and the board already approved. That must mean I’m doing pretty good, right? 

I’m actually scared. Since this is a Start-up, what if it shuts down anytime soon? What will happen to me, then? All these thoughts were dangerously plaguing me everyday and the only consolation I have is, If God brought me here, there must be a great plan.  I sincerely hope so. You see, I like the company already and I really hope it will take flight soon. I can’t wait to grow with them and hopefully, they’ll find my efforts more than satisfying. 

Okay. That’s all for now. Need to get back to work. 




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