Sunday Currently | vol 4

Sunday Currently 04

I know I haven’t been blogging recently. There were just too many things going on this week that I didn’t even have time to think or feel at all. Firstly, I already got a new job and I started last Tuesday. Most of my time were spent just working and even now, Sunday, I still am. I’d like to write more but I’ll probably do it in another post.

Secondly, I am so so so dang heartbroken over this Korean drama, Remember: War of Sons. Damn, although the series ended on such a clean and good note, I just felt terrible, knowing there are many heartbreaks ahead of Seo Jin Woo. I just cried buckets.

Thirdly, I am soooo excited! Maria is announcing the new wattpad teams soon! Yay!



God of Silence by Bukas Palad


Supernatural: The Vessel


Apprehensive. Idk. I like the new firm I’m with but it’s currently unstable so I need to work my ass off.


About what measures I should take to generate applicants for our openings


The yummy scent of inihaw!


I just ate my brunch


I tried reading November 9


To help the company get on its feet.


Ice Cold Heir and Decoding The Boys


I will work as long as God wants me to.


Have a fun weekend, everyone!

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