Life Lately vol 1

Hey, world. 

Okay. I knoooow I’ve been missing in action the remainder of february but I’m officially back, bitches. I actually have two pending reviews here with me but I’m being a lazy bum and not posting it yet. Maybe later. Mehehe.

So what’s been going on with me? Everything and nothing. How is that even possible?

1) I bailed on my new job.

Yeah, fuck. Second time to leave. I don’t know but I’m just so effin lucky with employments. I’m starting to think I messed up big time in my past life kaya I’m reaping the consequences of my actions now. Whoo.

2) I finally know how to get around Timog and Tomas Morato!

Courtesy of Janine, of course. I had an interview somewhere around Judge Jimenez and Janine kindly showed me the way how to get there. We also tried this cute macaron cafe, Mrs. Grahams and boy, was it fantastic. More of this in a separate blog 😉

3) New hair, don’t care. It’s blonde, baby!

FINALLY! I can finally cross this off my bucketlist. Well, it ain’t the blonde that I really like but since I don’t wanna bleach my hair and kill it, I opted for highlights instead. But make no mistake. This shade is very light blonde.


4) Interviews, interviews, INTERVIEWS.

Need I say more?


5) Watching Descendants of the Sun!

It’s like my reason for living. I am so hooked with this drama. Honestly, when I saw the trailer and found out it’s a military x medical drama, I thought it’s gonna bore me shitless. I was so disappointed to see that kind of come back for Joong ki. But never had I been so wrong. This drama just rocked. For real. It’s so legit I can’t even wait for the next episode!

6) Nothing.

Yes. That’s right. Nothing. My life is fucking plain right now. Damn.

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