4th Annual Wattpad Meet-up 

For starters, I know I haven’t been diligently updating my blog. It’s been what, a few months since I last posted something new about my life? I don’t know why I’ve been lazy. It feels like so many things happened the past few months and yet if you were to ask me to list them one by one, I wouldn’t be able to. Why? Because for me, nothing really happened. Yeah. It’s just like one of those days when you feel like the day is short and tiring but when you look back, you realize nothing productive really happened. Maybe it’s because I’ve been feeling blue recently hence my lack of creative mojo.

But anyway, I’m totally back on track!

And since my September has so many “ganaps”, I thought it’s only right that I’d start my first blog post (after a long period of hiatus) with the most important event of all. Yes. The Wattpad Meet-up!


Just a throwback…

For several years, Wattpad has been setting up events for its writers and readers to bring everyone together and keep the fire going. I’ve been with Wattpad for so long now, and been an ambassador for almost 2 years, so I’ve pretty much witnessed how the meet-ups went from good to great over the years. We actually have two meet-ups annually: the Summer meet-up and the MIBF meet-up. 

For this post, I’ll be writing about the latter. Here’s how it went down. (drumrolls, please!) 

The Night Before 

I know I haven’t posted a thing about it yet but I’ve been employed since August 31, 2016, and due to the erratic schedule of work, I was unable to meet with my friends on our planned Saturdate. I thought, “Pwede naman sa Sunday. Bawi nalang ako.” It never occurred to me that they would be barging in at exactly 11 PM to spend the night at my place.
So yes. My good friends suddenly popped up at my doorstep and I knew right away I wouldn’t be able to sleep for the night which was why I looked like a zombie the day of the actual meet-up. Grr.

The Morning After 

I went to the venue with the three idiots and immediately went to work. Yes, like me, they are also a Wattpad Ambassador kaya even though the meet-up started at 1 PM, we were already there as early as 9 AM. (Late pa nga kami, haha!) 

I was excited all throughout. Not only did we have new ambassadors in the building, my sis Maxinne was also one of them! I’ve been cyber friends with her for so many years, like 7-8 na yata, kaya it felt good to have her do the same duties as me!
For this event, I acted as the registration team leader. I called for my group mates and gave them instructions and potential scenarios that might occur in the meet-up proper. Some of them were strangers to me, I literally met them for the first time, so I felt nervous and worried for our performance, but surprisingly, they were all fast learners and our registration went by smoothly without flair.

Here’s TEAM REGISTRATION, by the way. 

The Wattpad Event 

Boy did I get tired. When we were in the early planning stages, I told Audrin (Social Team Leader) that we should at least expect a thousand or so wattpadders as the past meet-ups always went past our estimates and expectations. We weren’t wrong to do so.

At least around 1,400 Wattpadders came and that’s not including the guardians that came with them. All in all, it was a total of 1,700!! The venue was literally abuzz with so much crowd that getting in and out was almost an impossible thing to do.

We started registration early and even had to close it down at around 2 PM due to the enormous size of crowd we had inside. It was crazy! I didn’t realize Wattpad still has this great effect on the youngsters coz I myself think I’d outgrown it already. But wow, it seemed I was wrong.

We had so many games planned for the wattpadders and though I want to go into detail, I can’t. I was outside for the most part of it and when, finally, I was able to go inside to watch, we were already done with the games. Nevertheless, I knew some of them had fun. (For people who didn’t like crowds, maybe not so much!)

Le Friends

What I like with this year’s meet-up was I was able to meet some of my cyber friends! Yeah, we didn’t get to bond that much but we had photo-ops naman and that was more than enough for me. There’s still next time!!

Atsaka, oh my God! I finally got my DTB shirt!! (I had Mathev Axl De Villa custom-made coz reasons. Bwahaha!)

Haha. Excuse my face. Anyway, aside from seeing/receiving the shirts, I also got to meet the TMac admins, DTB friends and other peeps.




The Aftermath 

After the event proper, we cleaned up, wrapped up, and had our mandatory Ambassador photo taken. Then, we went to our separate ways.

I was a mass of aching head and sore feet at this point but I dragged myself up to meet with the TMac admins and ate L. I found them in Bistro Ravioli and spent a few hours there, talking, spazzing, and basically just fangirling. Zeooo, Ozzz, Jesseee, Ollieee! 

The Day-Ender

After the dinner with the admins, we went straight to Yakimix for the Ambassador dinner.

I shared tables with Ate Raice, Nicole, Ate A, Janine, ate Nayin, Roy and Christina. Come to think of it, some of them were my foodmates before, too, during the last mibf meet-up.

Okay naman. We had fun playing around though the highlight of this dinner was my big accident. Hell, it would forever stay in my memory coz dammit, I had the great fortune of stepping into a very slippery floor. I fucking slipped. As in my butt met with the cold hard floor in just a second. I didn’t even realize what was going on until people screamed and rushed over to me. Mind you, it hurt as fuck. The pain was so bad it bled over the next morning so I ended up as a zombified moron with an aching arm, back, and bottom at work. Meh.
But hey, at least my icecream was safe. I thought pa nga, “Shit. Galing ng reflexes ko,” so not bad at all, huh?

This is the cutie I met while waiting for the Tmac admins. Hi, baby girl! 

All in all, it was a very good and memorable experience and I was glad I didn’t miss it for anything! Though right now I’m already having doubts and second thoughts, I’m hopeful I’ll see the same people next year for our Summer Meet-up in April! Toodles!

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