Life Lately vol. 2

Life is really a rollercoaster ride. You never know when the course will shift  and bring you to a place you never expected you’ll find yourself in. These past months were more than a ride to me – it was a journey and for what it’s worth, I’m glad I wound up to where I am now.

L A T E L Y 

1) I’ve been binge-watching korean dramas.  Whether it is descendants of the sun, W-two worlds, K2 or Scarlet Heart Ryeo, I am totally head over heels over these new 2016 dramas!

2) I’ve been busy drafting the last bits of my story, Decoding The Boys.   Surprise, surprise. But yes, you read that right. I finally came around and sat my ass down for a major plot revision. Although I still have fourteen chapters left in the story, I kind of feel anxious and sad that it’s ending already.

But I gotta celebrate it. It’s going to be my first ever finished story after all. How bittersweet.

3) I entered a new industry and so far, so good.   This is something I’ve considered long time ago but I never actually thought I’d go and try it out. Now that I’m here, several thoughts are racing inside my mind. Am I fit to be here? Do I really want to build a career here? What will I do after six months?

But these are healthy thoughts and as long as I have them, I know I’m in the right path. Heck, I’m only twenty years old. There’s no rush.

4) I’m planning to learn how to paint but I honestly have no idea where to start.   YES. I don’t know where to start. Maybe I should try buying and hoarding painting materials but I don’t have an idea of what brands to buy. That, and time is elusive as fuck. Where to buy that?!

5) I’m saving up for Fujifilm XA3! 

Fujifilm XA3 will be mine come next year! Mark it down!

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