Sunday Currently| vol. 5

Sunday Currently vol. 5

I know I’m posting this on a Monday, but because I wrote this on a Sunday, maybe it still works? FORGIVE ME!

Anyway, I’ve been giddy about doing another Sunday Currently talaga, to be honest, Out of all link-ups kasi, I enjoy this one the most.



Blame my inner fangirl/writer feels for this but I’ve been crazy with The Narrative lately. So far, I’m enjoying Don’t want to fall and Eyes Closed. 

Oh, and I recently downloaded a whole bunch of Korean OSTs from Scarlet Heart Ryeo and W – Two worlds so yeah, I’m mostly alternating between English indie and Korean songs.


Korean dramas, lots of them. I’m not sure if I’ll be creating a separate blog post about the shows I’ve watched but let me list down the current shows I watched for the month of August and September.

  • W – Two Worlds | Finished
  • Scarlet Heart: Ryeo | Ongoing
  • Cinderella and the 4 Knights | Ongoing
  • The K2 | Ongoing
  • Our Gabsoon | Ongoing
  • Runningman | Ongoing


So-so. I’m currently in the process of sorting out my feelings. Ewan ko ba. The past months were not in the slightest bit harsh on me but I’ve never felt as unstable as I do now. Maybe it’s because I have a new job? I really don’t know.

But I trust God naman more than anything. I know He delivers and I know He never fails. S’ya na ang bahala.


Of which gadget to buy. I’m tempted to buy a new iPhone but I’m not sure if the latest iPhone 7 is for me. I mean, seriously? No earphone jack? C’mon! So while I’m making up my mind about that, I’ll consider buying a fujifilm camera instead. Hmm.


Kimchi. Last night we ate Samgyeopsal and today, I’m totally spoiling myself with Kimchi and korean cereals. Weird combo but whatever. 


A diamond peel, a full-body massage and a hair color change. Seriously. I’m floating between brown-pink and blue-green. What to choose?!


Ice Cold Heir and Hook, Line, Sinker. Yas. I’m back in the game, baby.


Money. Lots of it.

Happy Mondays, folks!

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