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The funny thing is, after I changed the look of my blog and shifted to a new home, I began to have this new itch and passion for blogging. I’m still struggling with how I should word out my train of thoughts but hey, something – anything – is better than nothing, right? I actually have dozens of drafts here already. I’ll post them one by one as soon as I get to them coz, err, I haven’t proof-read some of them. Haha.

Anyway, another week has gone and passed. I’m not sure if I’m ready to conquer a new one. I mean, sure I look forward to having a new week ahead (coz payday on Thurs!) but this week is just so nakakapagod that I want to do nothing but sit back, relax and take a breather; ergo, why I’m blogging today at the ungodly hour of 4 AM.

Coz this week was pressuring, I decided to try out a new link-up to remind me of the good things this week brought me regardless of all those tiring jazz. Not sure where I got this link-up from so I probably need to go back to my favorite blogs so I can credit them properly.

Here’s my 5 Happy Things this week. Enjoy!

1) I ordered a new frame for my glasses –  someone told me that my current glasses don’t fit the shape of my face kaya I decided that it’s time for a change na which is okay ’cause I’ve been planning to buy a new frame na din dahil outdated na ang lens ko. Thanks to Janine, we ordered two sets of frames from Metro Sunnies. I’m just waiting for the items to be delivered. Hoorah!

2) Supernatural is back –  Yes! My baby is back! After a long period of hiatus and waiting, Supernatural finally premiered last Thursday with Keep Calm and Carry On. They picked up from where we left off and I was so ecstatic to see that Mary. Fucking. Winchester is alive! I mean, this woman is lit! After 12 years, she still looks as young as she was back in the first season. God bless Samantha Smith!

3) Scarlet Heart Ryeo is definitely going for the kill – I usually go home in the wee hours of morning so it’s hard for me to watch this drama live. But the good thing is, I get to watch the subbed versions so there’s that, too (not that I can understand Korean, anyway!). It’s so fulfilling to watch the lead characters’ transition from best friends to lovers and can we just take this time to appreciate Lee Jun Ki’s hot acting and Kang Haneul’s awesome portrayal of a dark, forlorn prince? Now that the tables have turned and we have a reversal of characters, I’m excited to see what end awaits our lead girl, Hae soo.

4) I transferred from wordpress.com to wordpress.org – thanks to Dawn and her friend, I was able to transfer to wordpress.org for free. I’ll probably write a separate blog post on how I did this, so more on this later.

5) My Dad’s birthday – I’m writing this on a Monday while waiting for everyone to wake up. We’re going to Mall of Asia later to celebrate my old man’s birthday so I’m deffo giddy. After a tiring week of work, this is just what I need – quality time with le fam. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PAPA. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! MWAAAH!

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