New home! 

I’ve been pining for my own blog with my own domain for almost half a year now. I wanted to do something about it but I had no idea where to go or how to start. I tried to read several blogs on how they did it but I was drawing up blank.

Ang hirap i-gets, mga bes! Nakaka-pag ganern ng utak! 

I had to repeatedly read all those articles just to sort the information out and get a ground to work on. It took me days on end until I finally got something.

Enters dreamhost, Ate Nayin, Dawn and little-dancer.

Here’s the rundown of what I did to move my blog to a new home!
1) Buy a domain 

I bought mine for like 13 (or 11) dollars at But that’s that. Still a free user, no upgrades or anything, not even a paid theme. 

2) Find a hosting 

This should be the first step but I placed it on second because of how complicated this went for me. 

So I found and paid dreamhost. That’s already a package for the domain and hosting. I was so ecstatic and happy with how easy it was that I already exported my entire blog and customized my theme. Everything was going smoothly until I talked to Dawn and Ate Nayin, two of my friends whom bought their own domains and launched their own personal blogs as well. 

Holy cow. I was alarmed to discover they’re paying annually and not monthly for their blogs! And worse, I’m paying 11 dollars or so per month while they’re paying only six hundred pesos annually. What the hell. 

Realizing my mistake, I hurried in cancelling my subscription with dreamhost and deleted the website I spent hours on making. 

Good news. They have a money back guarantee. 

Bad news. Can’t have the money back guarantee because they want me to pay for the domain. Which is ridiculous because it costs at around 13 dollars since it’s stand alone and no longer part of the package (11 dollars for hosting + free domain). 

Good news. I don’t think they charged me the full 13 dollars. I checked my debit card and only five hundred pesos were spent. (Or I just suck at keeping track of my finances?) Also, I found out they’re going to charge me annually instead of the initial monthly bill. 

Bad news. I need to find a new hosting so I can use the domain I bought. 

3) Find another host & repeat process

This is where my friend, Dawn, comes in. She helped me find a good free hosting site and connected me to her friend who is also hosting her own blog. A few talks here and there, and voila. My new website/blog is launched. But it’s not a walk in the park. I couldn’t understand how I’m going to install wordpress to my hosting so Dawn had to do it for me. (Thanks talaga, girl!) 

4) Customize my theme

My favorite step so far. It was fun searching for a good theme that will work with the over-all feel I want my blog to have. I am meticulous and I am all for simplicity. I want a white lay-out with a good font and sizing. Sad to say I’m still not using an upgraded version of this theme but soon, I will. As much as I want to upgrade now, it’s just not practical. 

One: I don’t blog a lot. I’m neither a mainstream personality nor am I a full-blown blogger. Why spend so much for something you won’t use often? Dedication and commitment are the main key points of keeping a blog alive and I’m just not sure at this point on if I have those yet. 

Two: This is my own personal journal. I highly doubt anyone is reading this. I made my blog solely for the enjoyment of tracking what I did, where I’ve been, and yeah, let’s admit it – for the joy of writing itself. I don’t have plans to use it for money so I’m hesitating to spend so much on something that is not permanent or fruitful. 

Third: It’s not like I have a good content. Mema lang. Kung anu-ano lang. So must I really spend so for the upgrades of something I just use for fun? 

Hm. Sounds practical, right? Yeah, tell me that after a few weeks. I’m most likely to dump all these reasons to the bin and splurge for my blog anyway. I. Am. That. Impulsive. So yeah. I wasted your time there. (Apologies!) 

5) Export all my stuff to the new blog

Easy enough. After you install wordpress and set everything up, you can just simply go to the settings and find the export/import tool there. It won’t even take three minutes. 
For inquiries on how I moved in to a new self-hosted site, just leave a message. 

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