Sunday Currently | vol 8

Sunday Currently vol. 8

It’s Sunday! Oh, how fast time flies. We were officially done with our training and it’s now time to say goodbye to some of the friends I learned to love and cherish. But that’s part of life. I just need to move on and accept it. The sooner I realize that not everyone stays, the faster I’ll adjust.

This week is just pure hell for me. Thank God I’m active in writing this link-up because you get to follow what’s been down in my life lately. You see the rollercoaster journey of my emotions as well as the struggles I’m having with being a young adult.

God. I don’t like adulting no more. Flash me back to childhood, please! Let me just potate here in a corner and reflect back on what I should be doing.



Only Heaven Knows. I’m up for oldies lately as they are great in ebbing away my anxieties and frustrations. Ganon naman, ‘di ba? We’re more likely to relax in the midst of the things we are familiar and used to. So to battle the culture shock I’m experiencing, heto. I’m running back to my comfort zone at least kahit sa ganitong paraan lang.


The news. I’m updating myself with what’s going on in the country and the government. I am all for President Digong ergo I’m following all the strategic movements he’s been doing – especially while dealing with China and the tribunal case. That is not to say that I am a fanatic. There are so many things I wish the president didn’t say or do but they’re not enough to eclipse or totally wash away all the good things he has done in a short amount of time. Digong is wise – now if only he can shut his mouth. Minsan may mali na talaga. I hope he’ll let us understand the reasons for his ways. Still having good faith and best wishes for him and the country. I know he can do it.


Fucking miserable. Ayoko na.Ayokooo na talaga. I wanna quit and bail. Pero paano? Where do I go from here?


About the general direction where my life is heading. I’m all over the place again. Every road leads to every which way. I have no solid plans for myself and it sucks being like this. I am a lost, aimless soul with nowhere to go. Can someone please send me the light and show me the way? Lord, hi po. Help, please.


Haven’t eaten a thing since I went home last night. Ha. Bad diet is bad.


A sliver of hope. A dash of dreams. A guiding hand from God.

On top of those, I want to replenish my cosmetics stock here at home and possibly buy new sets of clothes and shoes. Hoorah for retail therapy!


My blog posts. Gonna be more active from now on. I swear.

Oh, and it’s my baby brother’s birthday today. I have no idea if I can blog again later ’cause I don’t know where we’re going. Dad said Tagaytay. My bro said Batangas. If worse comes to worst, we’ll probably end up in MOA. Haha.


Help. Lots of it. And blessings. And strength. And faith. And perseverance. Basically, everything God offers.

Have a blessed Sunday, dudes!

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