5 Happy Things This Week | vol. 2 


The good thing about this link-up is that I can follow the things that made me happy. For someone who is very moody, this is very helpful. It can be very uplifting and it boosts my optimism in life. So many things, stupid things, happened to me this week but let’s cross them out and focus on the more beautiful things in life.

Here’s my five happy things this week.

1) Canyon Cove. Batangas is definitely home to the best resorts and beaches in the Metro, and one of them is Canyon Cove. We went here for my brother’s birthday and what’s supposed to be a day tour turned into an overnight instead. I love the exterior and vintage feels that Canyon Cove boasts. I definitely enjoyed our stay here; however, there are a few points that I noticed so I’ll probably write a review of this place. 

2) Met a few friends from college. Catching up with friends feel like a drug – it makes you happy and high. 

3) Finally made a decision again. Not sure if I regret this or not, but yes, I did. Again. But hey, at least I did this properly and gracefully this time around. 

4) Bought a new sandals and lip tint. From Empire and they’re the best thiiiiing ever. I super love the lip tint and I just can’t live without it anymore. 

5) Tried out a few cafes. Been binge-eating and cafe-hopping a lot. Hm, I’m burning my cash faster than I can even breathe. Not gooood. 



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